Rich Piana on Synthol

Interviewed by Ric Darsin, this guy Rich Piana is a frank, honest, articulated, personable, real and laidback gentleman.

He talks about clowns with 12 inch forearms and 30 inch arms injecting 50 CC at the time to get that look.

He says that when he trains he goes for the pump and muscle tear.  He do not care about weight. 
He trains everyday.  He trains arms 3 times a week.  Shoulders 3 times a week.  Chest twice a week.  Back twice a week.  Legs once every two to three weeks.  Calves once a week. 

Every single workout is different.  And visibly, it pay off.  He trains his muscles more often with lighter higher reps cause it’s really make them grow.  His goal is to tear his muscle and get as sore as possible.

In another interview, he mentioned that his tattoos were all made to accentuate his muscularity.  And he says that wearing tight shirt make him look bigger.

And no Rich Piana wasn’t on cocaine.  He had bronchiatis or a cold at the moment of the interview.

People probably hate him because he is well spoken, succcessful, and has a personality.  Who know?

Like Ron Harris said on a forum:  “He’s huge and has a lot of money – hate is jealousy and there is a lot to be jealous of. Nobody hates on skinny broke guys.”

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