GSP is on steroids

Does “Mr. Anti-Steroids” GSP Have Roid Gut & Gyno (bitch tits)???

See by yourself…

GSP bitch tits are visible on this pic.  STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM
GSP bitch tits are visible on this pic.


Roid gut? Maybe not! But you must admit that his nipples looks weird. Gynecomastia AKA bitch tits are usually a side effect of testosterone use.

Phil Baroni explained GSP’s nip pinching pre-match ritual: 

He did that to make his nipples hard because he has bitch tits. Bitch tits are lumps under your nipples from too many female hormones in your body. He is probably self conscience about it. When your nipples are hard you can’t notice it as bad. I knew a kid that had it in college, worked out all the time, never took his shirt off, even at the beach. He did that all the time before wrestling matches, thats how I know about it. Everyone at CMU busted his balls over it. A lot of bodybuilders have it. A lot of guys get bitch tit’s when they go through puberty. Cant believe nobody ever noticed it before, esp the way you guys pick people apart on here. He shouldnt do that right before he fights, its kinda like putting chap stick on right before you touch gloves. But he is the champ an fought great against Fitch. I’d take a little bitch tit for the UFC title. Nah, scratch that I wouldn’t, but the guy is a stud and at least he don’t look like Olaf.” (source)

However you can’t miss GSP’s GH gut on this pic. 

How can a top shape, very lean athlete can have such a belly with abs on? Human Growth Hormones

2 thoughts on “GSP is on steroids

  1. Even a fat boy like Roy Nelson could be on something. The late WWE wrestler Umaga (6'4", 350 pounds of fat) once tested positive for an illegal substance.

    But one thing for sure, Dan "The Beast" Severn was 100% natural!

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