150lbs Brad Pitt Fight Club > any Mr. Olympia winner

An article on FoxHoundStudio reveals: We’ve got Brad Pitt in first place with 72.5% of women finding his body the MOST attractive and 86.7% of women being attracted to his body… In last place with 1% we have three time Mr. Olympia winner Frank Zane

Unbelievable, Frank Zane is by very far the most aesthetic and sound after physique here!?! 

150-pound Brad Pitt made more pussies wet than any Mr. Olympia winner!??!

Plain skinny seems to be better than muscular in the eyes of women!?!

Meanwhile men trains to look like Mr. Olympia. Ehhh… Sorry! Not true since Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club was voted the most sought after body by men in Mens Health Magazine

Is the Brad Pitt Fight Club look is the ultimate Strength Fighter look? 

Just take a look at the Top 10 most readed articles here in the right column. And you will see the Brad Pitt Fight Club post near the top.


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