When you speak about Bodybuilding you speak about extreme body transformation. Huge pectorial muscles, big guns biceps, and tree trunk legs are great. But sometimes, science (steroids, GH & insulin use) creates monsters. Literally!

Bodybuilding: The aim for the Perfect Body.

Monstrosity: Something so
hideous that you can hardly stand to look at it.

Despite their inapparent link both form an unlikely alliance these days.

Here are Bodybuilding Worst Monstrosities in order of ugliness.

Ab Implants

This is the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen


This isn’t a photoshop job. This guy is for real.

GH Gut

8 times Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman extreme case of GH 8-month pregnant belly

Outty Belly Button
Nothing to be proud of.



Bitch Tits

Worst case of bitch tits ever.



Is this a pizza or lunar craters?

 Stretch Marks

With all these stretch marks all over his body imagine if this guy was Irish white!


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