Vegan Bodybuilding

Can you believe that this guy is vegan and 100% natural?

His name is Avi Lehyani אבי לייני
Year of Birth: 1960
Weight: 200 Lbs (91Kg) .Compete weight: 193 (88Kg
Current Residence: Israel
Sports: Bicycling, WeightLifting

Current #’s. (“Raw”)
Bench Press: 180Kg Note: I lifted as much as 430Lbs before a shoulder injury in 1998.
Squat: 192Kg
Dead lift: 250Kg
Rack lift:(below knee) 380Kg
Rack lift:(above knee) 465Kg

Nutrition Program:
Carbs 65%
Protein 20%
Fats 15%

A usual weekly workout schedule will be as follows:
Day 1 Squats or Deadlift
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Bench Press(Incline or flat) + Heavy flies
Day 4 Back (cables and free weight)
Day 5 Rest
Day 6 Shoulders (Military press + Standing -dumbbells or barbell- rows)
Day 7 Rest

Here is the Facebook page of our muscle monster:
His interests are listed as:

טבעונות Veganism
תזונה Nutrition
בריאות Health
כושר גופני
אימון משקולות Weight training

Thank you very much to Israeli for the informations.

Here is  Avi Lehyani bio
On his bio you will find every pertinent informations about him, his training, his diet, and his lifestyle.

This colossal man, Avi Lehyani, prove us that not all vegan are skinny, pasty white, ill-looking coffee drinkers and that you can get freaky huge and strong without juice.

My hat off to Avi Lehyani.

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