Synthol = Powerlifting Gear & Equipment

You laugh at synthol!  So what about powerlifting gear & equipment?

All federations allow a belt, not to exceed 10cm (4″) wide, and 13mm thick. Padding is not allowed on the belt. All federations require a singlet.

the typical powerlifter of the year 2050

Up to 2-ply SQ & DL Suits, polyester only – no denim or canvas.
1-ply Groove Briefs are OK.
Knee Wraps up to 3.5 (yes 3.5) meters are OK.
Bench Shirts can be up to 2-ply of Poly or Denim, no canvas.
Closed back, Open-Back, or Velcro is OK on BP shirts.



Single-ply SQ and DL suits (poly, not canvas)
Single-ply BP shirt with solid back (no velcro)
No groove briefs
2-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 1 meter long



Single-ply polyester SQ and DL suits
Single-ply BP; velcro is ok.
Groove briefs are allowed, in place of underwear.
2-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 20″ long



Multi-layer SQ & DL suits are okay, as long as it is a single garment.
Any 2-ply BP shirt; velcro is ok. Poly, denim, and canvas are ok.
Groove briefs are allowed
2.5-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 36″ long



Single-ply SQ &DL suits
2-ply poly or denim BP shirts. No canvas. Velcro back is allowed, but the back of the neck must be closed. Groove briefs are ok



Single-ply SQ &DL suits
Single-ply poly or denim BP shirts. No canvas. Velcro back is ok.
Groove briefs are allowed.
2-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 36″ long

As you can see a great strength sport have been fucked up.  Powerlifting was the shit in 1970-1980 when NO stupid suits, shirts, and mile-long wraps were allowed and not even invented yet.  Weights were real and world records were real world records!!!

Imagine what it would be by 2050?!?  A fuckin’ Robocop suit maybe!!

At least, RAW powerlifting still exist…

One thought on “Synthol = Powerlifting Gear & Equipment

  1. Buddy you could wrap sheets round your body,body wrapping, and use any length knee wrap you wanted , like 8 m long and of course no drug testing so every one was on horse steriods. Your like all the idiots who whine about equipment, you just don't know what your talking about

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