Steve Lombardi wins

Do you remember Horowitz wins!  I’m sure you do!  We also got Steve Lombardi wins!  Even a wins against fellow worst jobbers was considered an upset and/or a fluke for Lombardi.

A Jobber with a manager?!?
Booby Heenan worst ever protege
“The Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi

Steve Lombardi, Brooklyn Brawler, Boston Brawler, Kim Chee, Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz, Most Violent Player (MVP), Kangaroo, Doink the Clown and The Red Knight…  the guy has more identities than wins

Here is the extremely rare, and hard to find, Steve Lombardi upset/fluke wins.

Steve Lombardi defeated “Worst Jobber Ever” S.D. Jones

Steve Lombardi bested fellow future Bobby Heenan protege Sivi Afi

BOSTON GARDEN 6/22/85 :  Steve Lombardi v. Jack Armstrong (Lombardi wins a match!)

Bobby Heenan lost cause: Steve Lombardi

“The Brooklyn Brawler” destroyed hapless scrub Reno Riggins

“The Brooklyn Brawler” vs. the legendary Omar Atlas

“The Brooklyn Brawler” squashing fellow jobber, the lifeless and fat Mario Mancini

“The Brooklyn Brawler” squashing jobber’s jobber Jose Luis Rivera

Can you believe it!  The Brooklyn Brawler defeated fellow jobber Paul Roma

What in the world did Paul Roma did to lose to Lombardi!!!

The Brooklyn Brawler destroyed lifeless jobber Mark Kay

Steve Lombardi incredible, horrible, atrocious WWF/WWE win-loss record: 12-242-0 with an almost perfect losing percentage of 95.28%.  On his rare wins, a few weren’t even “real” win like his count out win versus Big Bully Busick.

Boxing often describe their tomato cans as .500 fighters. So we can say that Lombardi is a .047 fighter. Impressive!

Here is what he does best… losing.


From Steve Lombardi to Brooklyn Brawler…  A jobber is always a jobber.

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