Jose Canseco Danny Bonaduce

Baseball snitch Jose Canseco going to a draw versus the much smaller Danny Bonaduce in a Boxing Match.

Jose Canseco vs Danny Bonaduce video


Despite a huge size disadvantage, former child star and all-around wildman Danny Bonaduce 5-6 held his own against former baseball steroid man Jose Canseco 6-4. 

After the time-limit draw, the outsized Bonaduce with a bloody nose declared “There’s no reason I should have done this well…  Part of me says there’s a decent man right there that didn’t want to kill the little guy. I feel weird that we tied.”  Canseco declared “For a guy my size to hit him like that and he didn’t go down, wow… If he were my size, he probably would have knocked me out of the ring.”

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