Dominic Filiou

Bigger, better and stronger than Hugo Girard ever was!

Dominic Filiou was the biggest and most impressive guy I’ve ever seen, in person or on TV.  And believe, being a lifelong wrestling and strongman afficianado I’ve seen several huge men.  But no one is near Dominic Filiou.  As a strongman competitor myself I’ve seen Dominic in person and believe me, the man is freakin’ HUGE!!!  His 23-24 inches arms look alike 27-inch guns.  His shoulders looks like huge canonball.  Without noticeable belly!!  No matter what contest he’s in, be it the provincial or the World.  Dominic is always one and an half the size of the other competitors.  He was over 400 pounds and the average strongman was near 300 pounds.

Dominic Filiou with me

Here is his official bio.

Dominic Filiou (born 14 February 1977) Canada, is a former strongman competitor known for his huge size.  His height is billed somewhere between 6’5″ (1.96 cm) to 6’7″ (2.00 cm) and his strongman weight was between 400 (180 kg) to 440 pounds (200 kg) (31 stone).  His biceps measure 24″ and his waist measures 48″.  He is one of the biggest strongmen of all time.

Finished 3rd at the 
World’s Strongest Man 2005
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Filiou competed in the 2005, 2006 and 2007 World’s Strongest Man. In 2005 he finished third in the finals but he was eliminated during the qualifying round in 2006 and 2007.

Dominic Filiou dwafting all the other World’s Strongest Man competitors.
Look at his arms size, leg size and shoulder width!!  Ridiculously big compare to the other strongmen.

Finished 9th in the 2006 Arnold Strongman Classic (the real brute strength strongman contest). 

He is the 2007 winner of Canada’s Strongest Man making him the first man to defeat Hugo Girard on Canadian soil because of his knee operation 14 month prior to the competition.  Finished 3rd in 2005 and second in 2006.

Was Quebec’s Strongest Man winner in 2003.



Born: February 14, 1977
Home Country: Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 197cm / 6ft 6ins
Weight: 181kg / 400lb
Biceps: 61 cm / 24″
Waist: 122 cm / 48″

Competed In WSM: 2005, 2006, 2007

Dominic Filiou cut at 380 pounds!?!

No photoshop! No synthol!!
This man is for real!!!

6’4″, 300-pound Jesse Marunde with Dominic Filiou

Imagine the pro wrestler he could be.
He would be a millionaire in Japan.
Japaneses always been fascinated by big strong men (sumo).

Dominic Filiou
February 14, 1977 – January 2, 2019
at age 41 from an heart attack.
Leaving 6 children and step-children in mourning.

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  1. Non il n'est plus actif sur le circuit des Hommes Forts depuis quelques années. Au moment de prendre sa retraite des Hommes Forts, il avait perdu 80 livres – toujours aussi immense malgré tout – et était intéressé à faire du bodybuilding. Mais on en a jamais entendu parlé depuis.

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