Buff Bagwell Male Gigolo

Wrestling fans out there. Do you remember Buff Bagwell in WcW? 

Marcus Alexander Bagwell was a “buff” male stripper before being a pro wrestler.


Do come his first gimmick as “The Handsome Stranger”.

Marcus Alexander Bagwell worked a chippendale gimmick with fellow hunk Scotty Riggs as The American Males. The “pretty boy” duo became WCW World Tag Team Champions.

Straight Elite Male Companions For Women

Now he works as a high-end world class Male (Gigolo) Companion for women.

Which is certainly better than any other shitty jobs that pro wrestlers take in their after-career!

Buff’s Stuff

As a gigolo or male prostitute, Buff Bagwell was even featured on the Showtime reality show entitled ‘Gigolos’.


Word has it that Buff Bagwell has become a hot commodity for his escort agency…Cowboys4Angels. The agency claims he is the second most sought after gigolo they have. His prices are allegedly pretty steep as he asks for $400 an hour, $3,000 for an overnight stay and $8,000 for a full weekend of his “stuff.”

He has the look and the “stuff” (as he used to say) and capitalized on it. Which is fine with me.

The link to Marcus Alexander “Buff” Bagwell ‘s Male Gigolo profile on cowboys4angels

source: https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/wrestling-with-sin-number-37/

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