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My initial thoughts on this pseudo-BKB before I’ve actually see the event…

Eric Fowler and Carl McNickles are the headliners of BKB 1 with a combined boxing record of 8-5. As if it wasn’t bad enough, both fighters are 135-pound assclowns!

Look at those fuckin’ silly “bareknuckle” gloves! To call this crap Bare Knuckle Boxing is a shame for all the early BKB pionners!

HOWEVER the card BKB 1 was described as entertaining by a reviewer Lucas Biggers. Offering high excitement from the heavy hands and the knockouts. Reading this I said to myself, it seem to be somewhat good!?!

Indeed it was a lot better than I thought and the fighters were visibly pro boxers.

See by yourself…


Knuckle Boxing BKB 1


2013-07-28 Bare Knuckle Boxing I
This new
series brought to you courtesy of DirecTV involves boxers fighting in a “pit”
with no ropes. There’s nowhere to run but plenty of glove to hide behind despite
the bare knuckles… Former world champion and 2002 trainer of the year Buddy
McGirt was on commentary and hall of famer Michael Buffer did “pit”
Eric Fowler TKO1 Carl
This was
an unexpected main event considering some of the fighters on this card, but it
ended in spectacular fashion. A 3 punch series of hooks knocked McNickles out
cold. McNickles looked gone after the very 1st shot but his knees didn’t buckle.
Somebody really could have yelled “tiiiiiimmmmmmbbbbeerrrrrrr” as McNickles
toppled over, not that I’d ever consider doing something so shameless…
Anyways, given Fowler’s amateur boxing pedigree, BKB just may have a future with
this lightweight.
Jason Gavern TKO6 Willie
Taneal Goyco TKO4 Jason
This was
about as good of a 1 sided 7 minute fight as you can get (all rounds are 2
minutes in BKB).
Julian Pollard TKO2 Randy
Bryan Abraham TKO2 Chris
beautiful right hook separated Russell from his senses. I think I’ll add it to
my year end highlight video…
Eddie Caminero TKO4 Marteze
should have been a DQ victory as the referee stopped the fight simply because
Logan did too much holding, but whatever…
Jesse Orta TKO1 Brandon Chagnon
Louis Webster TKO2 Mike
Farkhad Sharipov UD5 Matt Doherty
(50-46, 50-45, 49-48)
Chris Traietti KO2 Larry
the same man that dropped a decision to Dewey Bozella 2 years ago, was KOed by a
headbutt in his BKB debut. The referee ruled no knockdown but counted to 10 when
Hopkins remained on the pit floor…

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