WWE Survivor Series match-by-match analysis

Sunday,November. 24: 

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(8pm ET/ 1am UK) 

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

PYGOD Prediction: Who give a fuck about this match?  Anyway, I pick The Miz on this one.  Easy pick.

The Match: The Miz won the match.  Kofi slapped him after the match.  Maybe a heel turn for Kofi?  It’s probably the best thing he have to do.

By the way, who give a fuck about the pannel guys?  Booker T looks like an old ebony woman with his hairstyle. lol

The best show start you can get.  The King Of Kings COO Triple H, one of my personnal hero, and owner’s daughter Stephanie McMahon.

The Usos, Rey Mysterio, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Shield & The Real Americans

PYGOD Prediction: The dreadful good guys team will probably win this one. But a Shield victory is possible… Maybe…

The Match: Zeb Colter is a real master of the mic. 

Dean Ambrose is eliminated…  Jack Swagger is eliminated…  Antonio Cesaro is eliminated…  All hell break loose, The Shield’s Reigns and Rollins are all by themselves 5-on-2… One of the Usos is eliminated…  Reigns eliminated Cody Rhodes…  Rollins eliminated the remaining Usos…  Mysterio eliminated Seth Rollins…  Reigns eliminated Goldust then Rey Mysterio…  Roman Reigns singlehandlely eliminated 4 opponents on 5.  Roman Reigns is ready for a major push.

Roman Reigns eliminated 4 wrestlers.
He is ready for a major push.

Intercontinental Champion big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel

PYGOD Prediction: Big E will win this one for sure. Curtis Axel time is done. 

The Match:  Big E Langston defeated Curtis Axel.

Total Divas vs. WWE Divas

PYGOD Prediction: The eyes candy match of the night.  No one give a fuck about the result.  But it can be nice to watch.  Since all divas are hotties.  I wish AJ Lee will prevail.  But I think the Total Divas (good girls) will win this one.

The Match: Natalya got the final word on AJ Lee and got the win for the Total Divas.

Ryback Open Challenge:  Oups!  Mark Henry answered the challenge

Mark Henry bested Ryback.  1-2-3

World Champion John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

PYGOD Prediction: John Cena kicks Del Rio’s ass each week. So why this one should be different. BUT, our pencil-pushing scenarist can make Del Rio win the title with some sort of cheap shot or by the intervention of a new allie, a bodyguard?? If they want to build ADR as a super heel champion a la Ric Flair. He needs to win this one.

The Match: John Cena defeated Del Rio.  No surprise here!

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family

PYGOD Prediction: An hard one to pick???  It can go either way.  But since I’ve got to make a choice.  I will pick the internet crowd heros, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan.

The Match: Go To Sleep, CM Punk pinned Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

PYGOD Prediction:  I really don’t Randy Orton losing this one.  A Big Show championship win would be absolutely pointless!  Despite what COO Triple H said to Orton on last week RAW.  I can smell an intervention from the Higher Power, the WWE Autorities, in this match.  Storyline wise, they won’t let the Big Show win this one.

Last second prediction.  Maybe Triple H will join the Big Show to screw Orton?  Big Show face of WWE???  Bark!  No…

The Match: Randy Orton kept his title with a win over Big Show.  Thankx to Triple H’s ‘Bow Down to the King’ music. 

No physical interference were made.  COO Triple H, his wife Stephanie and his corporate lackey Kane watched the match from the entrance.

Oh hell yeah!  John Cena came inside the ring to confront Orton with his belt in hands!!!  Oh yes!  We gonna have an unification match right here tonight!!!!  Fuck, there were just teasing us to watch Raw tomorrow… :=(

Now, the question is: “Who will be the Face of WWE?  Cena or Orton?”  Since Cena and Orton seems to be equal into the eyes of the Autorities.

“What’s best for business is what this is about.”  
           — Triple H

The 4 Best Moments of the Night (in chronological order):
1- When the Autorities, COO Triple H in particular, started the show.
2- When Roman Reigns singlehandedly eliminated 4 opponents.
3- COO Triple H and the Autorities distracted Big Show for the Orton’s win.
4- World Champion John Cena coming to the ring to confront Orton. But no fight!!  Just a fuckin’ confrontation to hype tomorrow night Raw episode?!?
So this last one is just an half best moment.

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