WWE Monday Night Raw results & review

Monday, February 17, 2014:

WWE Monday Night Raw (8pm ET / 1am UK)

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John Cena blah,blah, blah zzz    More blah, blah, blah with Antonio Cesaro, Zeb Colter, plus all the Elimination Chamber fuckin’ promo… Corporate Kane announce the match of the night. Cesaro vs. Cena and Christian vs Bryan.

Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

New found killer instinct from Christian who sneak-attack Daniel Bryan before the match starts… Christian works the left arm and shoulder of Bryan during the entire match… Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall. Kane announce to Bryan that he is his next opponent. LOL 🙂
Kane vs. Daniel Bryan
Kane maims the left arm of Daniel Bryan til he gets disqualified. 

The Shield backstage interview.

Fandango vs. Santino “Jobber” Marella
Fandango picks up the win when Santino was distracted by his girlfriend Emma. Did you know that Santino is a former Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion? Proof that both titles ain’t worth shit!

Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns defeats Mark Henry all by himself, cleanly.

Wyatt Family crap on the big screen… Wyatt Family enters the ring to face The Shield but they backs off and returns to the locker room.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes backstage playing with Lego. Bad News Barrett breaks their Lego construction…

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger probably job (lose) this one… Jack Swagger wins by submission. It is about time that Swagger gets the push he deserves. After all, he is a former World Champion.

Handicap match: Big E Langston vs. 3MB Jinher Mahal & Drew McIntyre (with both wrestlers facing Big E at the same time)
Big E defeats WWE’s worst jobbers pinning McIntyre. Zeb Colter was taunting Big E on the mic for the entire match. But it didn’t seem to affect Big E performance against the two jobbers.

Ron Simmons was the first black World Champion. Damn!

Elimination Chamber promo.

John Cena backstage interview. Blah, blah, blah… zzzz

John Cena vs. Cesaro
John Cena defeats Cesaro in a hard-fought match. Cesaro is a fantastic athlete so does Cena. Whether you like it or not.

COO Triple H rightfully confronts Randy Orton about his jobbing way of the last two weeks. Then Batista and Del Rio (with a neck brace) blah blah blah… Batista shove Del Rio and leaves. Triple H is speechless.

Titus o’Neil backstage interview. Very nice suit Titus. Really sharp dressed. A Taylor-made Italian suit is what’s look best.

The Wyatt Family vs. Los Matadores & Sin Cara
Bray Wyatt pins Sin Cara for the win.

Jay Uso vs. Billy Gunn
Jay Uso pins Billy Gunn.
Damn that I hate this fuckin’ Usos!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
I hope that Randy won’t job again tonight. But odds are that he will lay down one more time…
Thanks god! Orton haven’t job to Sheamus. The Shield attacks Sheamus. Then Cena, Bryan, Cesaro, The Wyatt Family… Almost everybody of the Elimination Chamber rumble in the ring…

losing to Daniel Bryan
winning to Christian
losing to John Cena
losing to Cesaro?????
losing by DQ to Sheamus

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