Ultimate Death Match 1, 2 & 3 full movie

A 2009 “movie”. A piece of shit with wanna-be wrestlers not good enough to wrestle at your local flea market.

The first sucked but this one is good. A movie with actual pro wrestling legends and a realistic ending.

Ultimate Death Match 2

Just like the number two this one is good too!!

Ultimate Death Match 3

UDM would thrive in the real world.

  • Ultimate Death Match would certainly draw 50 million online viewers.
  • But, unlike in the movie series, its $10 Million Winning Prize would appeal the very best fighters in the world. Washed up pro wrestlers wouldn’t be invited!! And I wouldn’t personally sponsor a 50-something Ricky Morton to win it all.
  • just like the UDM II winner, a UFC guy like Brock Lesnar would be a perfect fit to win it all. He sure would enjoy killing a man with his own hands.

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