Willie “THE WALL” Madison

Birthplace:United StatesDetroit, Michigan, United States
Hometown: Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA
Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)  
Weight: 374 lbs (170 kg)  
NFL career: age 22-34
Age: 36

Ethnicity: African-American
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB
Category: Chemically & Artificially Assisted

Fighting Style: NFL

Nose Tackle (Defensive Lineman) No. 69

High School Football
At the age of 15, he was already 6’2″, 300-pound and had sixteen scholarship offers… Was recognized as an High School football All-American in his senior year (age 18)… Was named Defensive Player of the Year during this time.

College Football
Attended the University of Michigan on a football scholarship… All-American in football at the University of Michigan

Won three Super Bowl rings

NFL Draft: age 22 / Round: 1 / Pick: 19

Pre-draft measurables (weighting 330 lbs):
40-Yard Dash: 4.6 seconds
Vertical Leap: 31″
Standing Long Jump: 10’3″
225-pound Bench Press: 51 reps

Power Clean: 370 lbs
Can dunk a basketball.


  • Breakfast: a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon.

Manager/Advocate/Agent: Michael Clifford
Cheerleaders: 4 hot cheerleaders

Entrance Song: “We Will Rock You” – Queen
Victory Song: “We Are The Champions” – Queen


  • Bullrush. Three-point stance rushing and chasing his opponent with punches, hammerfists, haymakers, lifts, kicks, and stomps at the opening of the war.  Originally intended to be a spear tackle or a clothesline but his opponents aren’t stupid enough to stay on his way.
  • Spear.
  • Side spear
  • Running low-angle shoulder block.
  • Counters takedowns attempts with powerbombs and piledrivers.
  • Tunch Punch.
  • Heavy hands. Hooks, uppercuts, jabs, straight rights.
  • Different slams
  • Splash
  • Some submission holds. 
  • Roundhouse whack upside the head directly on the ear-hole of his victim’s helmet — that often burst both eardrums of any hapless offensive linemen he could reach. A move that he incorporated to his Battlefield’s arsenal.


  • Michael Clifford guidance.
  • Extremely dangerous and effective in the first 15 to 30 seconds of the war.
  • Extremely usable strength and size. Unbelievable quickness, agility, and athleticism for such a huge man.


  • Tired and ineffective after 10 minutes.
  • Vulnerable midsection, legs, and chin.
  • Will tap out to avoid damages.
  • Lack of submission skills. Limited moveset.
  • A bad knee

Said he is better than The Big Thing since he is a real athlete and not just “a musclebound piece of junk”. He wants to face The Big Thing anywhere anytime anyplace. 
He always says that he is bigger, stronger, faster, and more agile than anybody out there.

Huge, powerful, explosive, low-center-of-gravity athlete, with exceptional balance and short-area quickness, and rare toughness. Being a phenomenal athlete will certainly help him becoming an extraordinaire fighter.

Seem to be a version of The Big Thing with more stamina, speed, explosion, and athleticism but less punching and kicking power. And certainly less resistance to absorb punishment.

Said he pursued a fighting career after his successful and lucrative NFL career because he wanted a new challenge. However, some says that he is broke as a joke. 

Fighting training

Left with his tail between his legs 45 minutes after the start of the monthly SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School three-day tryout ($300 for the 72-hour drill). Of this experience, he stated that he prefered to pursue his fighting training on his own.

He invested a fortune on pursuing a fighting career. Was trained by retired Brazilian MMA legend Charles Santos, Hall of Fame boxing instructor Lou Reid (trainer of several world champions), and two former All-American wrestlers for 2 years before getting in the Battlefield. Said he trained anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day.

Michael Clifford’s Plan for “THE WALL”s Domination

  1. Let Michael Clifford do the talking.
  2. Improve his stamina and speed.
  3. Avoid doing dropkicks and moonsaults.
  4. Do not give a damn about pleasing the crowd or not.
  5. Target and lambast The Big Thing.
  6. Challenge and humiliate other Combatants.
  7. Hired Gotch Bruno to teach him submission grappling.
  8. Seriously hurt your opponents. 

  • Attack early. 
  • Stick to a solid ground game. 
  • Use the power bomb.
  • INJURE your opponents. Stretcher, hospital or retirement.

Michael Clifford saw “unlimited potential” in him and would have done the impossible to get him under contract. 
Before accepting the offer of Michael Clifford to be his manager. Willie “The Wall” Madison was supposed to be an high-profile enhancement talent for the 11 other Combatants in the UST 3. Now “The Wall” is perceived not only as a super athlete but as a very serious threat in the UST 3.

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