Ten Most Massive Physiques in Wrestling History

10) Brock Lesnar — At 6’3″ and 290 pounds, Brock Lesnar is an intimidating force. This Minnesota native is known to have performed a near 700 pound squat. He has also completed multiple 600 plus pound bench press routines. Few are as athletically dominant as Lesnar.

9) Zeus — At his peak, Tom “Tiny” Lister was billed as 6’8″ tall and well over 300 pounds. Couple that with a Z shaved in the side of his head and steel wrist bands, and we was quite the intimidating force. Although blind in his right eye, he still seemed unstoppable in the ring. Lister also played an intimidating gangsta name Deebo in Friday.

8) Mark Henry — He is 6’4″ and almost always over 400 pounds in weight. The native Texan has set hundreds of records in powerlifting, he was a gold medal winning Olympian, and he won more than his share of World’s Strongest Man competitions. When it comes to strength, he may be the most dominant wrestler of all time.

7) Ted Arcidi — At only 5’11 and 291 pounds, Arcidi set a bench press record at 781 pounds in 1990, and he was also the first man to bench press over 700 pounds at a power lifting competition in 1985. This WWE star feuded with John Studd, Hercules Hernandez and Tony Atlas during his career.

6) Nathan Jones — The only “giant” to make the list, this Australian’s bad attitude may have kept him from having an extended career in the WWE. Regardless, the nearly seven foot tall and 340 pound monster is as intimidating as anyone on the list.

5) Ezekiel Jackson — This Guyanese bodybuilder is a one-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, and is a former Intercontinental Champion. At 6’3 and 290 pounds, his torture rack and scoop slam are dangerous weapons. This hasn’t equated to great mainstream success though, having never ranked higher than 93 in the PWI 500.

4) Bob Sapp — At 6’5″ often weighing over 330 pounds, Sapp is said to have an appetite that is only matched by Akebono, the Great Khali, and Yokozuna. This superheavyweight is a household name in Japan, yet he has never attained much wrestling success in the United States.

3) The Warlord — Also 6’5″ and 330 pounds at his peak, the Warlord’s intimidating face paint, beard, and reverse Mohawk are part of his signature look. Teaming with the 300 pound Barbarian for many years, the Warlord feuded with the massive Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal.

2) Khali — Also known as The Great Khali, this beast is 7’2″ tall and hovers around 400 pounds. 

1) Jeep Swenson — at 6’4″ and well over 400 pounds, this powerlifter had a tremendous acting career that kept him out of the squared circle for years. Despite roles in No Holds Barred, Bulletproof, and Batman and Robin, Swenson did make an appearance as The Ultimate Solution in WCW in a match with Hulk Hogan. He was a regular in WCCW. According to Swenson, he had the largest biceps in the world. 

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