Sarah Bäckman

Former WWE/NXT wrestler, 8-time World ArmWrestling Champion, blonde amazon…

8 time World Arm wrestling Champion Sarah BäckmanSarah Bäckman
22 y/o 8 time World Armwrestling Champion

Birthdate: December 8, 1991
Residence: Orlando, Florida, USA
Age: 22 years old
Length: 5’8″ (174cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (67-70kg)
Hair: Blonde +120cm

Gym: 1-2 times a day. Trains one or two bodyparts a day.
Wrestling: 4-5 times a week.
Cardio: 5 km in an hour 4 times a week. Also regularly performs 10 sets of 100 meters sprints with one-minute rest in between. 
6-7 meals a day. Feeding every 3 hours. 
Meat at every meal except for breakfast. 2 kg of vegetables a day.

Profession: Personal trainer, armwrestler, athlete, spokes person

Arm Wrestling Awards:

Started armwrestling Nov 19, 2006 since I won a competition for fun in school, 14 y/o. I had no idea by that time that armwrestling would run my world for the coming years… and put me in a life I only could have dream of. I’m very blessed and thankful and totally believe that life is how you make it – you get what you deserve coz anything you do pays off.

I did armwrestling from 2006-2013 and I’ve been to over 20 countries and been taking part in over 70 competitions world wide.

In february 2013, while training for the coming armwrestling season in Los Angeles, California I went to a WWE tryout and got signed. Since November 2013 I’m training at the WWE Performance Center at NXT in Orlando, Florida.

April 2014 I asked for my release from WWE.

Personal Interests: Working out, food, travelling, meeting people, shopping, party, love


Twitter: @sarahbackman
Contact for appearances, business proposals, interviews and events:

“When I watch this, I miss arm wrestling so much!!!!!!! The feelings before a match and in a match. Even if my mind always was blank, like a black hole, it was like my brain was programmed to perform. I was always fighting like it was no tomorrow. I did always use to say “I rather die than not win” and I was completely honest when I said that, coz thats how I felt. Now I know there is more in life of course But it’s fascinating how everything I did up to this point was just about this moment. I dedicated every breath and second to every moment of all my matches. It was the most important in my life, to win!!! So much pressure.. Anxiety. But love and passion for a sport and a feeling of satisfaction of yourself. Armwrestling will forever be a huge part of me.”

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Her workout:

“I practice armwrestling 1-2 times per week and I work out at the
gym almost every day. I love the gym, it’s my 2nd home. I plan the training
myself. In the gym I train my whole body because I think it’s fun, and of course
I focus a lot on armwrestling exercises – wrist, forearm, side pressure, back
pressure, etc” (World Challenge).

Bäckman has no set routine and just trains by feel.  Her workouts, however,
generally consist of the following:

  • one or two body parts a day, with two to three exercises of up to
    30 sets for each. 
  • heavy, basic, compound movements, with a lot of emphasis on
    Olympic and powerlifting movements.
  • low reps- she never does over 6 reps.
  • Fat Gripz work for everything from chins and dips to rows to
    build bone-crushing grip strength.
  • hammer curls and dumbbell rows to build a strong brachilais,
    which in turn helps her top roll 
  • walks 5km four times a week and rocks 10 sets of 100 m sprints

Her diet:

She credits the Pauline Nordin’s Fighter
Diet with her physique, which is a modified paleo diet consisting of mostly massive slabs of ribs and
steaks accompanied by a pile of veggies.

Her lifts:

Deadlift: 300 lbs
Squat: 235 lbs
Bench Press: 190 lbs

Oh no! She is married with BO-LIEVE Bo Dallas?!!?

That’s the reason why he always has that stupid smug on his face!!!!/WorldChampionSarah/info!/2013/10/meet-sarah-backman-8-times-world-arm.html

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