Mickey Rourke punches Chris Jericho at WrestleMania

Mickey Rourke Knocks Down WWE Star Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XXV (April 5, 2009)
Another ankward, crappy moment just to remember us all that pro wrestling ain’t shit!

38 years old 225 pound former Undisputed WWE Champion Chris Jericho singlehandedly defeated three pro wrestling legends in a 3-on-1 elimination handicap match. Then a 190-pound 56 years old drug addict fart Mickey Rourke knocked him down with ONE PUNCH. The only bad ass credential of Mickey Rourke is 8 pro boxing matches against mediocre opposition 20 years ago.

You will only see that kind of crap in a pro wrestling ring.

Apparently, old man Mickey Rourke broke his hands while throwing the fake punch!!!

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