Kelly Kelly / Barbie Blank

Do you remember Kelly Kelly the resident ECW exhibitionnist? You sure do!

For WWE wrestling diva Kelly Kelly aka Barbie Blank was an extremely promiscuous woman and extremely popular in the WWE locker room. Kelly Kelly / Barbie Blank got laid by at least 10 WWE superstars.

kelly kelly
Who can say no to Kelly Kelly?

Kelly Kelly was screwed by (in no specific order)

  1. Andrew “Test” Martin, 
  2. Dolph Ziggler, 
  3. Batista, 
  4. Edge, 
  5. Justin Gabriel, 
  6. Jeff Hardy,
  7. John Cena,
  8. and many more… She even briefly dated actor Jeremy Piven while he was a guest host at Monday Night RAW.

She has now settled down and married former NHL hockey player Sheldon Souray.

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