ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling tribute

As you may know, this tribute ain’t about the full of shit WWE ‘s ECW version. It’s about the real HARDCORE and EXTREME ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling

ECW this is Extreme – 3:21

ECW Tribute – 3:50

ECW Tribute Video – 3:24

ltimate ECW Tribute Part 2 – 3:42
this is an ECW tribute from the original days of ECW Extreme Championship
the new ecw sucks jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

BEST OF ECW – 6:40

Some highlight of ECW. Enjoy it

*ECW Original Extreme Moments* 90s – 1:51

ECW Tribute – Our Impact Will Be Felt – 4:39
ECW changed pro wrestling forever in the early to late 1990s. After breaking away and challenging the conventions set aside by the NWA, WWF and WCW. Paul Heyman was able to establish a real niche. ECW was a platform for many great stars in their early careers such as Benoit, RVD, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and many more. By combining hardcore wrestling with pure wrestling and a high workrate ECW crafted a truly great product. Despite being raped for talent by WCW and WWF during the ‘Monday Night Wars’ ECW managed to continue on a shoestring budget until it folded in 2001. This video is a compilation tribute to the real ECW not Vince McMahon’s interpretation you see on Sci-Fi every Tuesday night. This video is a tribute and testament to the workers who gave their all to entertain the fans. The songs played are both by Sick of it All ‘Take the Night Off’ and ‘Built to Last’.

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