Early UFC

If you think today’s MMA is dangerous, 
If you think fighting 3 times a years is hardcore,
If you think that a referee stopping a fight when both fighters are on their feet is fair…
If you think weight classes are necessaries,

I’ve got some news for you!

The early UFC were as cool as
the Street Fighter video games and the Bloodsport movie.

Try doing it with no gloves, no time limits, no judges, and no weight classes, facing up to three opponents in one night. (Or four. Or five.) 

UFC was once great in the early Wild West days.
Now it’s crap!!

Check the following…

MMA – The Early Years – Crazy How Much Things Have Changed For The Worse! – 3:09

 Criss que c’était bon! 

asesinos de luchas vale todo la ufc – 5:22


Nothing like todays faggotry 

It was great in his one-night tournament format, then after it became a regulated sport it was shit…

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