Brad Pitt Snatch

Oh yes!  Brad Pitt seems to be a Strength Fighter???  In fact, Brad Pitt’s Fight Club universal ideal man body is by far my number 2 most popular post.  Synthol arms being the first. 

Brad Pitt Fight Club‘s body is universally recognized as the ideal man body.  A body that men envy and that chicks desire.  World-wide fame and good look helps.

With block buster movies like Fight Club and Snatch.  Well, we must say that boy toy Brad Pitt is also a fighter, on-screen.  Miles away from Chuck Norris, but a credible bare knuckles fighter on the movie set.  For all that it worth.

Mickey vs Gorgeous George – Snatch First Fight Scene . Brad Pitt one-punch destruction

Brad Pitt Boxing Match

Snatch The Last Fight

Nonetheless, his fights in Snatch (2000) were very entertaining.  Brad Pitt incarnated to perfection the unintelligible, drunk, gypsy trailer park trash, bare knuckle brawler Mickey O’Neil .

Interesting tattoos too.

Brad Pitt Snatch / Mickey O’Neil tattoos inspired a lot of people

Brad Pitt was 36 years old at the time.

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