WWE Title Unification TLC 2013 Results

You can watch it live or watch the rediffusion on: 

(Pre-show kickoff) Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango
FANDANGO WON!!!  Fandango easily defeated Dolph Ziggler under 3 minutes!!!  Former World Champion Dolph Ziggler’s career is officially flushed down the toilet!  After losing to Curtis Axel, this lost is a major setback in Ziggler’s career.  An evident major de-push for Ziggler.  And probably for Alberto Del Rio who lost twice to luchadore jobber Sin Cara.  This scenario guys are fuckin’ crazy!!

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and the chairman himself Vince McMahon arrived in limousine in the arena.  Oh yeah!!

In 1963, Lou Thezs (left) and Buddy Rogers (right) fought and both claimed the title.  Lou Thezs became as the World Heavyweight Champion and Buddy Rogers claimed to be know as the WWE Champion.

Now 50 years later, we will witness THE MOST IMPORTANT MATCH IN WWE HISTORY AND PRO WRESTLING HISTORY. Calis que je suis excite!!!

3-on-1 Handicap Match: CM Punk vs. The Shield
CM Punk won pinning Dean Ambrose after Roman Reigns accidentaly speared Dean Ambrose.  Bullshit!!!

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Roman Reigns push

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Natalya
First title opportunity on Pay-Per-View for three years for Natalya.
Divas Champion forever AJ Lee WON.  Oh Yes!!

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Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs. Damian Sandow
Big E Langston defeated Damien Sandow.

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the Tag Team Championships: The Real Americans vs. Rey Mysterio & Big Show vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. WWE Tag Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes
Where are the damn Usos?  Goldust eliminated Ryback & Curtis Axel…  Will this fuckin’ match finish soon…  Big Show eliminated the Real Americans knocking out both of them… Cody Rhodes pinned Rey Mysterio to keep the titles.
Two words to describe this match… Useless timefiller.  Nonetheless, the end of the match was entertaining.

Talk about useless time fillers…  Backstage shit with the Prime Time Jobbers, Vickie Guerrero, Corporate Kane….

Brodus Clay vs. R Truth
R-Truth defeated Brodus Clay thankx to fat ass Tensai goodie two shoes distraction.

No Disqualification match: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
Bathroom time! Time to take a piss and fill my water glass… Boring chants lol…  I’m not the only one to appreciate lol…  Kofi won but who cares?    Another uninteresting filler.

3-on-1 Handicap Match: Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family
Bray Wyatt scored an hard fought win for his Family by pinning Daniel Bryan.  I really do appreciate the Wyatt Family by now.

Bray Wyatt “has it”.

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Tables, Ladders and Chairs
to unify the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena


Randy Orton is the Champion of Champions

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