WWE Royal Rumble 2014 results

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Kick-off with a pannel of WWE Hall of Famers and Royal Rumble winners: Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair.

Some backstage time filling crap with annoying whore Vickie Guerrero and a couple of WWE no-hopers picking their Royal Rumble number.

WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. New Age Outlaws
New Age Outlaws won the WWE Tag Team Championship titles!!! I can’t be any prouder than this!

I was all pumped up to see The Authority starts the show but it was that damn Daniel Bryan….

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt wins this incredible “THIS IS AWESOME!” match clean.  Fair and clean win for Bray Wyatt, his Wyatt Family disciples were sent back to the dressing at the beginning of the match. 
With this win, Bray Wyatt is suppose to change the world??? Not so sure about it!!!

Paul Heyman blah, blah, blah….

Back to the Hall of Famers pannel…

Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)
The Big Show was the man who gave Brock Lesnar his first defeat back in Royal Rumble 2002…  Brock Lesnar attacks Big Show with a steel chair before the match begin???…  Several steel chair shots later, the referee starts the match… Brock Lesnar F-5 (looking more like an FU) Big Show for the win.  A very short match!
The swinging chair festival continue after the match, Big Show hapless outside the ring receives a dozen more chair shots from “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.  Outch! Those fuckin’ chair shots must hurt!

Brock Lesnar destroys The Big Show with 50 steel chair shots!!!

The Shield backstage Royal Rumble promo. More stupid dissention.  They should allies for the Rumble instead of feuding with each other…

Randy Orton backstage interview…

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena
The two wrestlers receives an equivalent among on booing. loll  “Daniel Bryan” chants!  The audience doesn’t seem to have any desire to see this match… Well-deserved “Boring” chants… Randy Savage chants… Y2J chants… Undertaker chants… More “Daniel Bryan” chants… “You both sucks” chants… Classic shit! The referee gets KO’d… “This is awful” chants…  The WWE Universe wants to see this match ends as soon as possible to see the Royal Rumble…

Everybody seem to hate these two WWE main players!  I do really REALLY hate to say it. But it’s maybe time to make place to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

All right! Thankx to the distraction of the Wyatt Family??? Randy Orton still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  After the match, the Wyatt Family destroys John Cena.  Interesting angle.

New WWE Tag Team Champions, now 6-time WWE Tag Team Champions of the Wooooooorld the “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn and the “Road Dog” Jesse James, the  NEW AGE OUTLAWS… backstage interview…

Royal Rumble superstars promos…

30-man Royal Rumble match

CM Punk is the first entrant, lol…

Order of entrance

1- CM Punk
2- Seth Rollins
3- Damien Sandow  (Sandow is the first out)
4- Cody Rhodes   
5- Corporate Kane  (thrown out by Punk)
6- NXT Bulgarian strongman
7- Jack Swagger
8- Kofi Kingston
9- Jimmy Usos
10- Goldust
11- Dean Ambrose
12- Dolph Ziggler
13- R-Truth
14- Kevin Nash (in excellent shape)
15- Roman Reigns
16- Great Khali
17- Sheamus
18- The Miz
19- Fandango
20- El Torito (the midget)
21- Antonio Cesaro
22- Luke Harper
23- Jey Uso
24- JBL (in suit and tie, immediately eliminated by Roman Reigns)
25- Erick Rowan
26- Ryback
27- Alberto Del Rio
28- Batista
29- Big E Langston
30- Rey Mysterio (loud booooing. The WWE Universe wants to see Daniel Bryan instead)

Order of elimination

1- Damien Sandow
2- Corporate Kane (eliminated by CM Punk)
3- NXT Bulgarian strongman (by several wrestlers)
4- R-Truth (by Dean Ambrose)
5- Jimmy Uso (by Dean Ambrose)
6- Jack Swagger (by Kevin Nash)
7- Kofi Kingston (by Roman Reigns)
8- Dolph Ziggler (by Roman Reigns)
9- Kevin Nash (by Roman Reigns)
10- Great Khali(by Roman Reigns)
11- Cody Rhodes (by Goldust)
12- Goldust (by Roman Reigns)
13- Fandango (by El Torito)
14- El Torito (by Roman Reigns)
15- JBL (by Roman Reigns)
16- The Miz (by Luke Harper)
17- Jey Uso (by Luke Harper)
18- Erick Rowan (by Batista)
19- Ryback (by Batista)
20- Alberto Del Rio (by Batista)
21- Big E Langston (by Sheamus)
22- Rey Mysterio (by Seth Rollins) huge pop from the crowd who wanted Daniel Bryan instead of Mysterio.
23- Luke Harper (by Roman Reigns)
24-25-26- Antonio Cesaro, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins (all eliminated by Roman Reigns)
27- CM Punk (eliminated by the already eliminated Kane) Kane  choke slammed CM Punk through the commentator table. LOL!
A lot of very loud booing from the WWE Universe when they realizes that the winner will be either Batista, Sheamus or Roman Reigns. Not Daniel Bryan.
28- Sheamus (by Roman Reigns)
29- Roman Reigns (by Batista)


The WWE Universe hate it!! 

Winner Of The Night
Roman Reigns is the next big thing

Roman Reigns. He sets a Royal Rumble record by eliminating 12 men. Roman Reigns is the next big thing.

Loser Of The Night 
Daniel Bryan eternal underdog

Daniel Bryan. Despite being the most “over” and by far the most popular WWE superstars, Daniel Bryan is still misused.  Tonight, the WWE Universe chanted his name all night long. But despite being the number 1 fan favorite, Daniel Bryan suffers a clean loss to Bray Wyatt, wasn’t in the Royal Rumble and won’t headline WrestleMania this year… 

This is not what the WWE Universe wants!  Vince McMahon always said that he always give the WWE fans what they wants??

What’s best for business??? MY ASS!!! Not using and pushing Daniel Bryan is like flushing the money down the toilet!!!

That night, nobody in the WWE Universe (at least those in the crowd) gave a damn about the “old” A+ players John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista.  The WWE Universe wants new blood. CM Punk, Roman Reigns, and YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan.

Is the WWE management don’t see “money” in Daniel Bryan for real?  WHAT? It seem to me that the Authority anti-Daniel Bryan angle is in fact a reality.  Downgrading Daniel Bryan from WWE world championship contender to a mid-card feud versus the Wyatts.  Even worse, making him a Wyatt Family member… for a week???  It isn’t what’s best for business!!

Maybe tonight crowd reaction (deception) the Authority will see things another way for Daniel Bryan… Just maybe!

At least, he got Brie Bella!

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