WWE March 7 Smackdown results

WWE Friday Night Smackdown
Friday, March 7, 2014 results & review:

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Dolph Jobber vs. Christian
Christian defeats Dolph Jobber with distraction from Alberto Del Rio.

RAW recap

Bootista speech… Troll faced 5’8″, 195-pound B+ player Daniel Bryan enters the ring for a blah blah blah battle… Batista finally turn heel for real. It all ends with a general scrabble between Bryan, Kane, Batista, and Big Slow.  And we got the match for tonight.

This week RAW results

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel
The Usos won. Down goes Ryback for the pinfall. Lame! Ryback used to be pushed as an unstoppable monster ala Goldberg!?!

Divas Champion AJ Lee & Tamina vs. Eva Marie & Natalya
AJ Lee taps out to Natalya’s sharpshooter.

Photo: Credit: Spyros Chrysostomou

The Shield summit. More dissention. This time Seth Rollins is the trouble maker. Blah blah blah… I wish that The Shield will be back to be the greatest faction in WWE destroying everything in their path just like not so long ago.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus
Shame-anus escapes Del Rio’s crossarmbreaker twice to win the match. Stupid crap!

Wyatt Family blah blah blah about John Cena.

Mega hot European blonde introducing “The Bulgarian Brute”Alexander Russev for his promo.

Intergender Tag Team Match: Santino & Emma vs. Fandango & Summer Rae
Emma submits Summer Rae with her Emma lock.

Corporate Kane & Batista vs. Daniel Bryan & Big Show
Daniel Bryan pins Kane for the victory. Thanks to a Big Show punch.

The Undertaker returns to RAW next week

This week RAW results

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