Washington Generals Awards

    Washington Generals Awards
Losing Streak: 345-22,500

For several decades, the Washington Generals are known for their losing streak against the Harlem Globetrotters.  Exhibitions or not, the Washington Generals are the worst losers/jobbers in sports history.  By November 2003, the Washington Generals all-time record was 342-21227.  So what’s better than an Award named after the glorious Washington Generals to celebrate and salute the worst losers in combat sports.


Pro Wrestling: The Mulkeys

Mulkeymania = 2 pasty white, mullet-headed, chain-smoking, out of shape jobbers

 Before their upset win over fellow jobbers duo The Gladiators (George South & Gary Royal).  The Mulkey Brothers were runnin’ wild at 0-180.

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Boxing:  The Ohio’s Strickland Boxing Dynasty

Jerry Stickland, 13-122 with 78 KO losses at light welterweight?

Ed Strickland, 0-30 with 30 KO losses

Reggie Stickland, the talented one of the family – 66-276 (25 KO losses)  Has more losses than any boxer in history.

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MMA: Kenneth Allen, 1-31

He is a loser and he looks like a loser!
Kenneth Allen
MMA record: 1-31
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Here below are other prolific boxing losers:

+ Peter Buckley: won 32 (KO 8) + lost 256 (KO 10) + drawn 12 = 300

+ Danny Wofford: won 17 (KO 10) + lost 102 (KO 23) + drawn 2 = 122  http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=1965&cat=boxer

+ Reggie Strickland: won 66 (KO 14) + lost 276 (KO 25) + drawn 17 = 363

+ Ed Strickland: 0-30 with 30 KO losses.  Talk about perfection!  I’ve got a perfect losing record for u.  Look at the guys who he’s fought and got knocked out by a 54 year old Ron Lyle!  Probably related to the other jobber on this list.

+ Eric Crumble: won 0 (KO 0) + lost 31 (KO 31) the perfect name for such a loser!

+ Donnie Penelton: won 13 (KO 5) + lost 166 (KO 33) + drawn 6 = 185


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