TNA iMPACT Wrestling (September 3, 2014)

TNA iMPACT Wrestling
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 (9h00)

Samoa Joe challenging TNA “World” Champion Bobby Lashley and his black posse (MVP and Kenny King) to a title match. Lashley says he accept and he will get it tonight. I smell some bullshit around here…

Knockout Champion Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
Gail Kim wins and keep the title… A tall woman named Havok destroys both ladies with ease.

Taryn Terrell & Miss Tessmacher are hot pieces of pussy

BroMans douchebag texting for an unknown TNA Knockout.

EC3 and Rockstar Scrub in the ring… EC3 bullshitting about Rhino… Rhino storms inside the ring… EC3 backs off… Rhino wants to face EC3 tonight… EC3 gives him the undersized Rockstar Scum instead.

Samuel Shaw & Gunner vs. Magnus & Bram
Bram pins Gunner for the victory.

#1 Contender match: Bobby Roodes vs. Eric Young
Bobby Roodes wins.

Manik vs. Homicide vs. Crazy Steve vs. DJ Z vs. Low Ki

Homicide pins Manik and earns the number 1 contender spot for the X-Division gold against Samoa Joe.
James Storn and The Great Sanada kidnaps Manik dragging him back to the dressing room. Probably a new James Storm (Bray Wyatt wannabe) disciple.

Muscular midget vegan Austin Aries speech challenging James Storm and The Great Sanada. Tajiri joins Austin Aries to fight Storm and Sanada. Storm and Sanada leaves…
Sanada looks more like a clown than a Great Muta wannabe!!

Rhino vs. Rockstar Spud lol 🙂
Rhino destroys Rockstar Scum and EC3 doesn’t care!

Who’s the Toughest Man of the Planet?” match
TNA World Champion Lashley vs. X-Division Champion Samoa Joe
Indeed, both are legit asskickers! Lashley is a pro MMA fighter and Joe was trained in shoot wrestling.
Lashley pins Samoa Joe thanks to “The King of the Night” Kenny King.

Lashley is the ideal “best for business” champion that the TNA can have

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