TNA iMPACT Wrestling (August 7, 2014)

TNA iMPACT Wrestling
Thursday, August 7, 2014
LIVE & replay on demand

Manhattan Center, New York City, New York  Bully Ray, Devon & Tommy Dreamer promises to throw Dixie Carter through a table.

Monster Ball match: Abyss vs. Bram
ECW chants.. “We want tables” chants, “We wants blood” chants… “This is awesome” chants… The crowd is on fire. This arena and audience reminds me of the original hardcore promotion ECW.  And yes! We got BLOOD!!!
Bram wins a bloody “this is awesome” match.
Right now, I reconsiders stopping laughing at TNA.

EC3 with his team of 3 original members of ECW– Rhino, Gene Snitsky, and Big Rycklon (formerly known as Ezekiel Jackson in WWE) — mentioning ECW (now a WWE trademark) as much as he can.  Which is cool!

TNA Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP & Kenny King with a handful of eye-candy chicks… Blah, blah, blah… Interrupted by Bobby Roodes… Some more shit talking… Too much fuckin’ blablabla… The three black guys attacks Roode then Eric Young and Austin Airies rescue him…

Bro Mans vs. Mr. Anderson, Samuel Shaw & Gunner
Bro Mans wins

8-Man Hardcore War (Extreme Weapons match): Team Bully Ray vs. Team EC3
It will be excellent! EC3 vs. Tommy Dreamer… Rhino… Devon… Snitsky… Bully Ray… Blood! Blood! Blood! Yes sir! Al Snow is the fourth member of Team Bully Ray… Al Snow is in top shape! These damn wrestlers are ageless!!… The audience is awesome!.. Team 3D / Bully Ray (Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Devon, Al Snow) wins. TNA President Dixie Carter guarantees that her bodyguard, Bellator MMA fighter King Mo will knock out Bully Ray.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. TNA Knock-Out Champion Gail Kim & Taryn Terrels blah, blah, blah… Some brawling, The Beautiful People are throwed out of the ring…

X-Division Championship: Sanada vs. Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki
Samoa Joe wins by taping out Sanada and becomes the new TNA X Division champion.  Dixie Carter is in the ring with her losing team. She fires Snitsky and Rycklon on the spot which left her with EC3, Rockstar Scum, Rhino, and King Mo… Bully Ray, Devon, and Tommy Dreamer arrives and quickly disposed of Dixie Carter’s entourage. Then…

Millionaire MILF Dixie Carter is PowerBombed through a table from the second rope by Bully Ray!!!


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