TNA iMPACT Thanksgiving night

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Mega MILF Dixie Carter started the show.
A British douchebag with an unpronounceable name as been named Chief of Staff by Dixie…  Dixie the MILF introduced her wrestler / nephew named EC3 aka Ethan Carter III.  Actually, the guy is named Derrick Bateman and he isn’t related to Dixie.  A really badly acted rich heel family McMahon wannabe angle.  More comedic than believable.  Even if the Carters are legitimaly rich and powerful in real life.

Rich kid Derrick Bateman.. oups! EC3 easily defeated Curry Man (tastes great??)

Lei’D Tapa, 5’11”, 218 lbs, age 31
Huum… I would love to fight her!

Lei’D Tapa (huum.. she’s hot!) destroyed the mega hot Velvet Sky.

The borderline gay douchebag duo BroMans (with DJ Zema Ion) destroyed two skinny 150-pound backstage figurants in a Turkey suit match.  So pointless and ridiculous…

Some more very bad acting from Dixie Carter.

The funeral of Aces and Eights.  Stupid crap and waste of space.  They tried to be funny???  Bullshit!!!

Damn that this fuckin’ show is stupid since Hogan left!!!  Comedic, not even funny, crap!

Elimination Tag Match aka Survivor Series Match
Team Angle (Suntan Kurt Angle teaming with the bearded duo of Gunner & James Storm plus Magnus)  Team Roode (the goofy Bad Influence and Chris Sabin plus Bobby Roode)
Kurt Angle left alone versus 4 opponents was disqualified for using a steel chair.  Thus giving the win to Team Roode.

The Carters aka Dixie by herself, pretends to be the most influencal and powerful wrestling family in the world.  Not even close to the McMahon family. 

All the winners of the night (all heels) are invited to take a Thanksgiving night turkey dinner… in the center of the ring…  Comedic crappy third-graders Thanksgiving speeches by each of the heel winners.
Kurt Angle came crashing the turkeys’s party with all the “face” losers of the night.  With all the heels beaten out of the ring.  The turkey party became a beer party. 

The beer is the only adult thing that I’ve seen tonight.

This fuckin’ moron, vaudeville, comedy show is unwatchable.

I don’t think I will watch this shit next week!!

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