Shootfighter 1 & 2 (full movie)

Shootfighter Fight to the Death (1993)

Nick and Ruben are hoodwinked into a “shootfighter” (no-holds-barred, to the death) martial arts match by the evil Mr. Lee, who has a grudge against world shootfighter champ(and teacher of Nick and Ruben) Shingo.


Chief Lou Rawlins (Chase Randolph) launches a sting operation to bust a Shootfighting ring in Miami after his son (a participant) was found dead. Using a local scumbag Eddy (Jorge Gill), Rawlins blackmails Nick (Michael Bernardo) and Rueben (William Zabka) into helping him get on the inside by threatening to expose their exploits in Shootfighting in Mexico. Shingo (Bolo Yueng) goes along for the ride, since his evil brother Lance Stuart (Joe Son) is running the Shootfighting circuit. With the help of former Shootfighter Shark (Brett Baxter Clark), they succeed in drawing Stuart’s interest, but as usual, the bust goes wrong and everyone must fight for their lives.

The main villain Joe “Ballz Of Steel” Son (5’4″, 236 lbs)
is one of the UFC originals and a convicted rapist.


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