Scott Steiner Biceps

Scott Steiner Biceps

Pro wrestler “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is truly a freak! “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” Scott Steiner is old (49 years old), crippled (countless injuries ranging from crushed back vertebrae, foot injury, torn triceps and biceps, a near fatal throat injury, and more.), roided (allegedly), 270 days a year on the road and still in tremendous shape. Very massive and low bodyfat, “The Genetic Freak” Scott Steiner has the perfect stereotypical and caricatural pro wrestler’s look and body. Lean and mean, “Freakzilla” Scott Steiner got the size, the muscles, and the attitude of a real pro wrestler!! (GTFO Miz and C.M. Punk!?!)

At a height of 6’1″ and weighting between 255 to 265 pounds of pure chiseled muscle…

Scott Steiner claims to have the biggest arms in wrestling and the largest arms in the world, 26 inches?!?

Scott Steiner claimed he could Bench Press over 600 pounds in the dying days of WCW around 2001.  BUT Steiner was, and still is, heavily into kayfabe and had previously stated in interviews that he avoided the bench press where possible, owing to injuries.

And more importantly, in 2006, Scott Steiner claimed to have slept with over 30,000 women breaking the record of Wilt Chamberlain.

Scott Steiner “Freaks”

Scott Steiner’s “Freaks”
fitness model Shakira (Kim Kanner)

Scott Steiner’s  main “Freak”
fitness model Midajah (Melinda O’Hearn)

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Biceps Size Explanations:

– Scott Steiner claims to train 8 hours a day.  (Dubious)
– Scott Steiner claims to be a genetic freak.  (For sure)
– Scott Steiner claims he never used steroids.  (I don’t think so)
– Synthol? (Maybe)
– Implants (???)
– Torn biceps (Yes!  It’s always make better peaks.)
– A lot of concentration curls (Probably!)
– Suntanning and diet (Hell yeah!)

The Reality:

To get a peak as high as Scott Steiner you can do
– Heavy Hammer Curls
Concentration Curls (a classic for biceps peaks)
– Dumbbell Curls

And don’t forget that the tricep represents 2/3 of your arm size.  So do not neglect them.

And do Standing Barbell Curls or Cheat Curls for mass.

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner workout

(from an old Ironman magazine)

                   dumbell curls (warm-up set)4×4-6
                   ez bar curls 4×4-6
                   dumbell preacher curl 4×4-6
                   concentration curls 4×4-6

Just work each body part once per week


Stacy Keibler & Scott Steiner
As me and one of my friend think, Scott Steiner probably uses a giant size dildo to fuck his bedmates since his dick is probably useless after all those years of steroids abuse.

2 thoughts on “Scott Steiner Biceps

  1. 30000 i think you put away the 0s and the you still have too many ha ha his physique is like everybodys physique taking anything that will do the Job till early death takes ist tool bye

  2. 30 000 girls is most likely a gimmick. Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlan was the very first to brag about his 30,000 fuckfest conquests. Chamberlain even push the audacity by claiming that his 30,000 conquests were all perfect beauties and singles!?! Impossible!

    Nonetheless, I've always impressed by Big Poppa Pump physique and attitude. He rocks! When you think about what a pro wrestler should be, Scott Steiner is the first thing that come to mind.

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