The 1980 Strongbow Contest

The 1980 Strongbow Contest

Where you aware of the 1980 Strongbow Contest?  I’m sure not.  The Strongbow Contest was a strongman contest that was held in England. It consisted of a clean and jerk, deadlift (both of these events are performed to a one rep maximum weight) and as many shoulder press repetitions as possible with a pair of 121 pound dumbbells. Bill Kazmaier won the contest with a 374 pound Clean and Jerk, 837 pound Deadlift and 17 repetitions with a pair of 121 pound Dumbell Press. Lars Hedlund of Sweden came in second. American Ernie Hacket came in third with a 369 pound clean and jerk, a 700 pound deadlift and ten reps with the dumbbells.


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