Rich Piana fighting several opponents

Enormous bodybuilder Rich Piana getting injured fighting men half his size.

Combate – Reto Circularcon Rich Piana – 21/03/2013

The entire show was a screw job to make the huge bodybuilder look bad! 

 Rich Piana explains how he was injured fighting geeks in Peru

Rich Piana was instructed to go easy on the guys, which he did. While his opponents visibly did all they could to outwrestle the muscle giant. The TV producer took advantage by coning Piana into wrestling several guys one after another with no break between. Being the gigantic muscleman that he is, Rich Piana’s tank rapidly run out of gas and he got injured following a fall. The odds were all stacked against Piana before it started.

2 thoughts on “Rich Piana fighting several opponents

  1. hy the best oponent in a fight is a Bodybuilder his Stamina is about for 2 minutes then his muscles kill him but the Girls are top seems i have to take a peek at peru

  2. Indeed, a huge bodybuilder-body isn't the ideal shape for combat sports.
    Perfect to intimidate but worthless against a real professional fighter.

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