NICKNAME: Mongolian Monster
BIRTHPLACE:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
RESIDENCE:Tokyo, Japan
HEIGHT: 7’1/2″ (215 cm)
WEIGHT: 380 lbs (172 kg)
AGE: 37

STANCE: Southpaw

CATEGORY: Natural & Raw

FIGHTING STYLE: Pro Wrestling (puroresu)
With a background in Mongolian Wrestling, Sumo, Puroresu Pro Wrestling and more recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and an undeniable enthusiasm for barroom brawling.

SUMO RECORD: 60-24-7
YEARS PRO: From the age of 15 to 17

    Black Belt in no gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Awarded)

  • Comes from a family tradition of Mongolian Wrestling. He began competing at the age of 7.
  • Goes to Japan to study Sumo wrestling at the age of 15. Competed from the age of 15 to 17 attaining the rank of Makushita.
  • Turned to Puroresu (Japanese Pro Wrestling) after retiring from Sumo. Spent about a year training at a Puroresu dojo, living there and sleeping on the mat.
  • Due to his size, wild man look, and Sumo background he quickly became a top draw in Japanese Pro Wrestling territories.
  • Was awarded a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Now that Konga Ruopa is crippled by injuries and strung out on drugs. Monster Mönkhbat is considered the toughest man in pro wrestling.
  • Bar room brawls enthusiast. However not many people are fool enough to face him alone and empty handed.
  • You will have to knock him out to get him to stop fighting.
  • One-punch knockout power in his left hand
  • Mostly a kick and punch brawler
  • Promoters have a hard time to deal with him. 
  • Won’t lay down to anybody 


  • Overwhelming size and strength and knows how to use it. You can’t grapple with someone that big.
  • Savagery. Bite, gouge, headbutt, crush tracheas… Seems imprevious to pain and won’t quit no matter what.
  • One-punch KO power. To date, nobody have been able to survive his left hook.
  • Knows how to pace himself. Can go the distance even after spending a lot of energy in his early all-out assault. 


  • Slow. Agile for such a huge man but smaller opponents can easily avoid his attacks.
  • His MMA technique sucks and lack fluidity.
  • Long legs. An easy target for takedowns and low kicks.

  • Gorilla Press Falling Powerslam, sometimes preceded by a right hand choke then a left hand testicular claw into the lift.
  • Lifting backbreaker
  • Gogoplata
  • Tonga Death Grip (crush the windpipe with one hand)
  • Left-handed knockout hook (If it catch you, you’re gone)


  • Unkept long beard and hair
  • Sumo Mawashi and below-knee spandex green shorts
  • Bareknuckle and barefoot

PREDICTIONS FOR UST-3: First he is an alternate not even sure to have a war. Second, he will either be a boom or a bust, nothing in between.

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