Lucian Bute fears Jean Pascal

Lucian Bute fears Jean Pascal

Pascal won 7 rounds to none…

Is this a part of Lucian Bute game plan?

8 rounds to 0 for Jean Pascal. Bute is getting trashed…

Bute is still wary psychologically from his KO defeat…

9 rounds for Jean Pascal.  Bute is scared to death.  Jean Pascal is clearly the best man tonight.

Bute gets trashed…

Bute is bleeding from a headbutt. I just hope that he won’t get saved by a stupid referee call.

Some opposition from Bute in the 10th and 11th...

Bute gave it all in the last round (It was about time)…
But too kittle too late, his faith is sealed..

Unless the judges are crooked, Pascal will win this one by unanimous decision.

116-112, 117-110, 117-111
Uninimous decision win for JEAN PASCAL

JEAN PASCAL vs LUCIAN BUTE final results & review


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