Lee Priest Off-Season Bulk-Up Shape

Lee Priest 5’4″, 285 lbs, 44-inch waist off-season thanks to PFK.
225 lbs was his contest weight.
Lee Priest off-season Kentucky Fried Chicken binges
Lee Priest off-season KFC binges

Lee Priest 5-4 bulking to 285 pounds off-season bodybuilder

Lee Priest from off-season bulking phase to contest weight
Lee Priest from off-season bulking phase to contest weight
From a bulky 285 pounds to a lean 225 pounds.
Lee Priest: Bulk and post-bulk
Lee Priest: Bulk and post-bulk

Personally, I’ve always been more impressed by the off-season bulked up shape than by the “smaller” lean as fuck bodybuilder contest-shape.

Yours truly PYGOD (6’1″, 300 lbs)
during my Strongman competitor career

A bulked-up shape was what I was aiming for during my Strongman period.

However my body was tired to carry over 315-pound of bodyweight and I was ready to give a new direction to my training.

Currently, 27th November 2016, my strongman days are far behind me, I aim to get rid of “all” my body fat while keeping as much muscles as I can. I don’t see any problem with getting down to below 200 pounds. Which would have been a fuckin’ sacrilege to even think about a decade ago. I am now a closet ‘I Want to Build Muscles like Brad Pitt from Fight Club’ (IWBMBPFC) but with a lot more muscle and helluva strength.

How You Can Rock At 160 Pounds

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