Greg Kovacs died of steroids overdose at age 44

Greg Kovacs (December 16, 1968 – November 25, 2013)

Giant-sized canadian bodybuilder Greg Kovacs dies at age 44 of a steroids overdose heart attack.  If you can’t read french language, you are blessed.  Since the short text that I’ve joined (pic format) is SO FULL OF BULLSHIT that it’s smells!!! 
The highly biased article says that Greg Kovacs was “The Strongest Bodybuilder Alive” and that he dominated the bodybuilding world with his sheer mass GH belly!!!  BULLSHIT!!!  The truth is that his claims were the most exagerated.  CellTech pushers took care of inflating his size and lifts…
off-season weight 420 lbs on a 6’3″ frame
25″ arms… lol
70″ chest…  my ass!
35-inch thight
The article claims Kovacs’s supreme strength, but he forgot to mentions that all his reps were only partial (1/2) and all done in the Smith-machine.
Bench Press 700 lbs for 2 reps
500 lbs shoulder presses
2025 lbs Leg Press.
His number 1 groupie / cheerleader also stated that Greg Kovacs was the strongest bodybuilder of all time.  My ass!  Ronnie Coleman deadlifted and squatted 800 pounds!!!  And not in a fuckin’ Smith machine for partial fake reps!!!

Greg Kovacs off-season
Sorry, I am mean and nasty.  But I’m sick and tired of people trumpeting crap when someone die.  When people dies they always become the best, the nicest and the most generous people on earth!!  

Yes, Greg Kovacs was freaky big! 

Yes, Greg Kovacs was freaky strong!! 
Greg Kovacs was invited at the inaugural 2002 Arnold Strongman Classic

And yes, I used to look up to him as a model and an inspiration when I red the MuscleMag magazines.
Yes, Greg Kovacs was a Mass Monster, which is my favorite kind of bodybuilders.  But the measurements and poundages claimed by the CellTech team were exagerated and/or only partially true.  And before his 2005 bodybuilding retirement, his physique took a turn for the worse.
Rest In Peace Greg Kovacs
I hope that you still be pounding the weights in heaven.

Thankx for the inspiration. 

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