Biggest & Heaviest Powerlifter Jeff Lewis

Biggest & Heaviest Powerlifter Jeff Lewis
550 pound powerlifter Jeff Lewis
squatted 1212 pounds
In the USAPL(non-equipped) his best squat is 959, bench 722 and 722 deadlift.

In the WPO (equipped) his best squat is 1212.5, bench 815 and deadlift 771.

Jeff Lewis next to normal person
You can see the cellulite on his knees.

76″ chest relaxed (April 20, 2017)
45″ upper thigh when he competed
(as mentioned in the comments section below)

In 2013, he was 6’3″, 526 lbs, 68″ chest on this video.

Jeff Lewis squats 1202 in a bulletproof squat suit at 525 lbs.

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  1. Anonyme

    To Strengthfighter: I will really appreciate if you can investigate the measurements of Jeff Lewis. chest? waist? legs? and write it down here.
    Best regards from a Lewis fan.

  2. PYGOD

    Indeed, I'm curious to know the stats and measurements of this powerlifting behemoth Jeff Lewis.

  3. Anonyme

    I measured Jeff Lewis chest circumference yesterday and the tape stayed at 76 inches relaxed. He didnt let me to measure his waist but he told me that his upper thigh was 45 inch when he competed in powerlifting.

  4. PYGOD

    Holy shit! This guy is a phenom!

  5. Unknown

    Now i know Jeffs waist was 70 inch at 550 pounds bodyweight!

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