Biggest Biceps Guinness World Record

100% SYNTHOL Moustafa Ismail 2013 Guinness World Record 
31 inch biceps
24 years old, 5’11”, 270 lbs

Moustafa Ismail and Denis Sester are two very different men with the same unusual distinction. Having 30-inch arms (bigger than a woman’s waist and a man’s thigh) and Holding the Guiness World Record for the Largest Arms on Earth!!! 

20 years apart… 

Can you see the difference?
The 2013 World’s Biggest Arms version, Moustafa Ismail, is somewhat lean but full of SYNTHOL

While the 1992 Biggest Arms World Record Holder Dennis Sester is a 100% NATURAL chubby and bulky farmer.

One way or the other, to reach the supernatural state of having 30 + inches biceps. You need synthol or fat and some muscle.

I’m affraid to see what the biggest largest arms in the world will look like in 2033?!!? 

100% NATURAL Denis Sester 305/8 inches World’s Largest Biceps 
1992 Guinness Book of World Records
Born 1952, 6’5″, 425-435 lbs


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