WWE Payback results

WWE Payback results (Sunday June 16, 2013)

Dark match: Sheamus bested Damian Sandow.  What a surprise! (sarcasm)

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel (accompagnied by Paul “Skullet” Heyman) Triple Threat
Hell yeah!  Curtis Axel wins the fuckin’ belt!!  It was a sure beat.  23 years ago his father “Mr. Perfect” won the Intercontinental belt.

AJ Lee submitted the much bigger Kaitlyn to win the Women’s Championship belt cleanly without any intervention by Big E. Langston.  By the way, Kaitlyn sucks at crying.

U.S. Champion and The Shield member Dean Ambrose bested the outdated Kane by count out.

Alberto Del Rio won the World Championship versus Dolph Ziggler.  They played on Ziggler’s real life concussion as an angle in this match.  ADR showing some interesting attitude here. capitalizing on the “concussioned” Ziggler and kicking the paper championship belt of AJ Lee.
ADR is loudly booed.  Maybe an Alberto heel turn?

Hometown zero and vanilla midget CM Junk (accompagnied by Paul Heywoman) wins vs Chris Jericho.  No surprise here!

Tag Team Champions The Shield defeated Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton.  Really good match!  Action-packed match, never a dull moment.  The best match to date.

Three Stages Of Hell: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback
Stage One goes to Ryback: Ryback shell-shocked John Cena for the pin in a 30-man Lumberjack match.
Second Stage Of Hell: Superman Cena won the Table Match.
Third Stage Of Hell: Superman Cena kept his title by defeating Goldberg’s cousin in the Ambulance match.

Two words to describe this match:


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