WWE Friday Night Smackdown results

Friday, January. 10, 2014: Friday Night Smackdown (ALL DAY) 

Watch it in rediffusion: http://www.whsports.net/

 Bray Wyatt / Daniel “Wyatt” Bryan stuff…

The Usos (469 lbs) vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
The Usos and the Wyatt Family fought to a double-countout. 
Thankx god!  Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan attacked The Usos. Then the damn Usos were destroyed by the four members of the Wyatt Family.

Miz TV: The Miz interviews the Big Show. Big Show challenges Brock Lesnar… Instead he got Paul Heyman announcing that the two will face off at Royal Rumble in two weeks.  Did Paul Heyman cuts his ugly ponytail?

They show us again the Raw match between the 90s has been team of Too Cool & Rikishi and the goofy jobber trio of 3MB.  3MB lost.

WWE Network announcement recap…

Los Matadores, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Real Americans, Ryback & Curtis Axel
Rey Mysterio pinned Jack Swagger for the win to his luchadore team.

Recap of the Randy Orton and John Cena rivalty over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship…

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston
Randy Orton RKO’d Big E Langston for the win.  Big E overpowered Orton for most of the match.

Wyatt Family / Daniel “Wyatt” Bryan delirium…

Xavier Woods vs. Fandango
Xavier Woods pinned Fandango? I hate this Xavier Woods midget.

The Usos backstage interview…

Highlights of WWE Monday Night Raw Old School

CM Punk & New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield
Roman Reigns spears Billy Gunn for The Shield win.

Last week Old School Raw results

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