World Combat Championships (WCC)

World Combat Championships (WCC)

October 17th, 1995 

Bart Vale vs Renzo Gracie
Both were supposed to face off at the final of the WCC
but things didn’t go as planned.

The WCC took place in an happier era when MMA was pure combat sport, MMA was real reality-based fighting without any stupid fuckin’ rules unlike today!!! Everything was perfect until Junk McGay pursued his personnal vendetta against manly sports with taxpayers ‘s money…

It was a one-night eight-man bare knuckles tournament. Except for the grapplers and strikers divisions. Everything was perfect! Just watch it and enjoy!

Bart Vale and Renzo Gracie were the two favorite to win the tournament.  But as you will see no-holds-barred reality fighting can be unpredictable.

BART VALE, USA, 6’3″, 260 lbs, age 34    Shootfighting
International Shootfighting Association heavyweight champion

RENZO GRACIE, Brazil, 5’11”, 175 lbs, age 28    Brazilian jujutsu
1993-94 champion at Brazilian Jujutsu Tournament of Champions

World Combat Championships (WCC) – 1:34:28

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