Why Chinese Kung Fu Fighters SUCKS

Why Chinese Kung Fu Fighters SUCKS
flying Shaolin kung fu monk

flying Shaolin kung fu monk

shaolin kung fu Chinese with superhuman speed and reflexe

Chinese Kung Fu, Dim Mak Death Touch, and Ninjitsu…
Good on the movie screen and in video games but totally ineffective in reality.

Forget about the “unbeatable” Shaolin monks… 

Forget about the Dim Mak Touch of Death

Forget about the mythical ninja…

Forget about Frank Dux’s Bloodsport Kumite

Bruce Lee, the greatest combatant of all time…
Who does he beat? Ehhh… Nobody!
Keep this crap for cinema!

If you want to debunking the crap from reality…

You MUST read the following article.

Where Are The Chinese Fighters? – Why MMA Has Not Flourished In Chinese Society (In-Depth Analysis with Videos)



  1. Anonyme

    hy read the article and the commeents seems everyone is a warmachine at least in theory if you wanna prove get into the Cage anywhere and reallyty Shows trained mass always Counts you more or less Need ground and Pound basicly Wrestling with some striking most asian and Indian are too mall thats it a 250 Pound fighter fighting a 120 pounder is like fighting a child basicly you Need trained muscles the knowledge of striking and the heart and will to win besides im shure there are many Indian and chinese who are good fighters but just cant compete in the mma circu for what reason ever bye

  2. PYGOD

    Those so-called kung fu fighters, ninjas and "unbeatable" Shaolin monks are worthless in reality and in a free fight. Kung fu is just good enough for the Jackie Chan movies and Kill Bill.

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