UST Fighting Robot KirāBotto


SERIAL NUMBER: 20160306-1 (Release date and version number)
MADE IN:JapanUST Lab, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
HEIGHT: 6’3.5″ (191.5 cm)
WEIGHT: 385 lbs (175 kg)
AGE: 1 year (Created after seven years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. Sponsored by the Japanese government) 
COST AS A UNIT: around $10,000,000 USD

FIGHTING STYLE: Punching & Clawing

CATEGORY: “Natural” & Artificially Assisted
POWER: Lithium ion rechargeable battery 
CONTINUOUS OPERATING TIME: 1 hour (walking); approximately 25 minutes of fighting

BUILDERS: Daughter & father. 18 years old girl & robotics teacher

PIT CREW / TEAM:JapanUST Lab (Japan)
All dressed in black military outfits with caps, army boots with infinity sign left armbands..

  • Daughter (Programmer). Computer scientist A 18 years old genius Japanese girl who designed the program and the aesthetics of the robot.
  • Father (Robo-Tech / Lead engineer). Dr.    Robotics teacher & roboticist. Referred to as Doctor or Professor.
  • (Tech) Senior robotics engineer.
  • (Strategist).

To be able to compete in the UST against human Combatants. The robot has to be:
  1. Autonomous. Must indepently control its movement in a Combat situation. KiraBotto is controlled by an on-board computer system during his wars. The program is loaded into the robot by laptop computer immediately before each war. Programs are deviced by the programmer and the strategist. KiraBotto is even able to “think” and modify fighting technique based on human input. 
  2. Walking. Bipedal humanoid robot. Must walk and balance on two legs.
  3. Weight, size and mechanical limitations. Human height and reach. Striking mechanism is limited to a 25″ reach, the length of an average human arm
  4. Humanoid. Must be based on human form, must have two legs, two arms, a torso and a head.

STRENGTHS: Strength… Hand quickness, trained to catch punches and kicks. Outch!… Crushing grip strength, literally. He will crush everything he can get a hand on… Fists made of steel just like the rest of his body.
(robot-wise) No shoulder and elbow armor for best mobility… Reversibility. Will get up from any position.

WEAKNESSES: Speed. Slower because of his walking mecanism and the tether to keep him balanced… Intangibles. Can be fooled by human cunning and deception.
(robot-wise) No shoulder and elbow armor.


  • Two cameras in its head for eyes. Sensors and move detector for seek & destroy.
  • Bulletproof protective chest cavity
  • Fully functioning hands
  • Hydraulics high class parts
  • Automated fighting. The bot performs self-calculated actions.
  • A “kill switch” to stop the robot’s action when the war is over.
  • Entirely gold plated.

For the entire stable of Combatants
to know all about the Combat Sport.

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