The Insanity Of Pro Wrestling

Bully Ray backing off from Hulk Hogan

As I watch regularly the TNA-Wrestling Impact show.  I’m spectator to all the irrealism stupidity of pro wrestling in general.  Can you please be realistic for a moment!  When I see TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Aces & Eights president Bully Ray backing off to the crippled 59 years old Hulk Hogan???  I think what is this shit???  I mean, Hulk Hogan was on crutches a couple of weeks ago!?!  He is cripples by multiple back surgeries, hip replacements, knees surgeries…  The guy is so injured that his multiple back, hip, and knees surgeries shrunk him from 6’7″ to 6’4″.  He wrestles sporadically for years and his last “match” was over a year ago.

Waiting for 59 years old crippled Hulk Hogan to make his Hulkster comeback and streamrolling the entire Aces & Eights.

A couple of examples of what I’ve witnessed.  Bully Ray and the seven other members of Aces & Eights backing off from the oldster Hulk on crutches.  Instead of kicking the crap out of him.

This week, the washed up tired and crippled Hulkster gaining the upper hand in a face to face against a stronger and younger 6’3″, 285-pound Bully Ray.  The Hogan’s “tremendous” assault forced Bully Ray to quit the ring.  While the entire Aces & Eights stormed the ringside to help their leader in distress…

Real life comparaisons

Time for a reality check.  Let’s compare this situation with an hypothetical real life event in the legit fighting sport world (Boxing and MMA). 

??????  Legit over 50 fighters are hard to fight in legit fight sports.  Yes, the 54 years old UFC Hall Of Famer Dan Severn.  Just like Hogan, Dan Severn was still competing in 2012.  But Severn is healthier than our good ol’ crippled Hulk Hogan. 

Now can you imagine the currently ranked the #6 heavyweight in the world 32 years old Alistair Overeem backing off from the 54 years old Dan Severn???  Not even in your wildest dream! 

That’s the same non sense with Bully Ray backing off from Hogan.

Rumors says that Hulk Hogan is interested in conquering the TNA World title.  Since it’s the only World Heavyweight title he didn’t held during his illustrous career.  In my view, it’s too surreal to be true, even by wrestling’s world standards.  But anything is possible since Hulk Hogan is part-owner of TNA Wrestling.  So why not hand-picking himself as the new World Champion.  Flushing the credibility of their World Championship title down the toilet is nothing wrong for the egomaniac Hulk Hogan.

Mr. McMahon destroying Ric Flair in a Street Fight

Till 12 minutes, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time Ric Flair was in deep deep trouble fighting against 56 years old promoter Mr. McMahon.  Do you think it’s realist?

Vince McMahon manhandling Ric Flair in a Street Fight on January 2002 Royal Rumble.  McMahon was 56 years old muscleman and full-time promoter at the time and Ric Flair was 52 years old over-the-hill all time great full-time wrestler.  ?????  With whom can I match the 6 feet 2 inches tall, 81 years old Don King???  The ideal Million Dollar Match-Up would be Mike Tyson.  But he is too young for Don King.  Finding an old-timer nearly as old as Don King is hard!  Let’s say the match happened 30 years ago.  When boxing promoter Don King was 51 years old.  Would you think a 51 years old Don King would get the upper hand in a Street Fight against a 52 years old Larry Holmes???   Not in a thousand years!

I will certainly add a lot more wrestling’s insanity examples in a near future.  So stay tuned.

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