The Best Fighter in the World

“The Best Fighter in the World”

What is the perfect fighting federation/tournament?  The ONLY way to determine who is the best fighter in the world. My four points.

  •  The best 10 Combatants in the world. To make sure that the bests of the bests will be interested to participate. The winner ‘s purse must be in the range of $50,000,000. (quality over quantity)
  •  No rules, no-holds-barred, no time-limit, no rounds, no weight classes, no drug tests, no dress code, no ring, no cage, no soft floor, no referee.  Only full fighting hand-to-hand combat sport contested on the concrete inside a 20-foot diameter circle.  Victory by KO, Submission or Death.  (the purest form of combat sport)
  • A year-long round-robin tournament. The 10 Combatants each fighting the other in 9 separate matches in 9 separate, 5 matches, pay-per-view events every 30 days on a nine-month period. For a total of 45 matches, 5 matches per event.   Each fighter will be given a number from 1-10 by draw to determine who they will face in each round. Each combatant chose a home site and each round will take place at the home site of each combatant of the same number. Example, round 1 will take place at the combatant 1 home site, etc. However, fighter 10 wouldn’t have access to home advantage since there is only nine days of tournament. That’s the luck of the draw.    Then the promoter couldn’t favorize any combatant. The promoter would have to be sure not to expect a particular athlete to win, and get behind the winner.(complete fairness)
    • Only ONE champion. Only one “The Best Fighter In The World”. (there can be only one)


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