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While searching the net for some needed inspiration for new articles. I ended on some WWE NWO stuff. When Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came back to WWE to destroy it just like they did in WCW. Inspired with this, plus the entire WCW/NWO angle and more recently the Nexus invasion angle. I thought to myself which fighters/wrestlers could invade and dismantle a wrestling roster all by themselves? Yeah right! The shooters.

 Inspired by the chaos and rampage caused by the NWO and Nexus.
I’ve decide to create my own wrestling/fighting stable/federation.

Yes, I am a blogger, an artist, and a dreamer. My two main subjects of blogging and writing are porn and fighting/strength sports. I’ve already made my own Harem (to which I fap one to three times a day) so why not create my own stable of fighters. I’ve already created my own fighters, but they are very little known.  So, maybe, I should focus on the real world.

Some of my all time favorite wrestling gimmicks are the shooters (legit ass kickers) and the strongmen (with the World’s Strongest Man moniker). Since strongmen aren’t infallible in fighting. I’ve turned my attention to more suited candidates, the shooters/asskickers. Since I’m a lifelong wrestling fan. It was imperative to me that my real world asskickers be pro wrestlers. Preferably WWF/WWE former or current wrestlers. And if I want real invaders, raiders and conquerors from the scripted world of pro wrestling. I wants shooters!  I want the best crossover MMA fighters / pro wrestlers that this business have ever seen.

Here are my choices. I have just three for the moment. I prefer quality over quantity. Remember when the NWO opened his door to mid-carders. It became bullshit! I don’t want bullshit in my organisation. I don’t want bogus shooters (Taz), half-asses fighters (“Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Steve Blackman), second-rated UFC fighters (Tank Abbott), tough men lacking credential (Meng/Haku). I just want la creme de la creme, the most high-profile shooters in recent memories.

P.S. (All fighters bio are made while at their peak. Coming to the WWE after championship reigns in the UFC.)


The Next Big Thing, The Beast Incarnate

Real Name: Brock Edward Lesnar

Born: July 12, 1977
Birthplace: Webster,
South Dakota, U.S.

Residence: Alexandria, Minnesota, United States 
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 285 lb
Reach: 81″
Glove Size: 4XL
Neck: 20″
Chest: 52″
Waist: 36″
Jacket Size: 54 to 56

WWE post-UFC tenure: 2012 (age 34)

Bench Press: 475 lbs
Squat: 695 lbs
Deadlift: 720 lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.6 seconds
225 lbs Bench Press: 43 reps
Vertical Jump: 35″
Broad Jump: 10 foot

Style: Wrestling
High School: Webster
College: University of Minnesota
Team: DeathClutch Gym

Pro Wrestling Debut: October 2000
NFL: Minnesota Vikings 2004-2005
MMA Debut: 2007

NCCA Division I Champion 2000
3-time WWE Champion  (youngest WWE Champion at the time age 25)
IWGP Heavyweight Champion (2005-2006)
UFC Heavyweight Champion (November 15, 2008 to October 23, 2010)

UFC Record: 4-3
MMA Record: 5-3
Amateur Wrestling Career: 106-5 overall in four years of college wrestling

NCAA Division I Wrestler
Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu
Years active in MMA: 2007-2011

Collegiate wrestling

Big Ten Conference Champion (1999, 2000)

Ranked the #1 Heavyweight in the Big Ten Conference (2000)

National Collegiate Athletic Association
NCAA Division I Runner-up (1999)

NCAA Division I Champion (2000)

North Dakota State University’s annual Bison tournament Heavyweight Champion (1997–1999)
National Junior College Athletic Association
NJCAA All-American (1997, 1998)

Junior College National Champion (1998)

WWE post-UFC return: April 2, 2012
WWE debut: October 2000
Signature Move: F-5; Kimura Lock

Career Highlights: WWE Champion; 2002 King of the Ring; 2003 Royal Rumble Match winner

Lucrative WWE contract:
In April 2012, Brock Lesnar signed a lucrative $5,000,000 one-year contract with WWE to fight in next Wrestlemania. Lesnar will make about 35 appearances throughout the year leading to Wrestlemania XXIX.
(Lesnar signed a two-year renewal before that deal expired.)

He is the only man to win the WWE Championship, NCAA Championship and UFC

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE on the April 2, 2012 episode of Raw, confronting John Cena and attacking him with an F-5. The next week, General Manager John Laurinaitis revealed that he signed Lesnar to bring “legitimacy” and become the “new face of the WWE“.


Nickname: The World’s Most Dangerous Man
Full Name: Kenneth Wayne Shamrock
Born: (1964-02-11) February 11, 1964 
Birthplace: Macon, Georgia, USA
Residence: San Diego, California, USA
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 235 lb
Reach: 69.5″

WWE Debut: February 24, 1997 (age 33)

Style: Shootfighting
Camp: Lion’s Den

Pro Wrestling Debut: 1990
MMA Debut: 1993

1986 Toughman Champion, Redding, California
1990 Toughman Champion, Stateville, North Carolina
1990 Toughman Champion, Hickary, North Carolina

King of Pancrase (1994-1995)
UFC Superfight Champion (1995-1996)

UFC Record: 6-2-2  Was in the first ever UFC.
MMA Record: 23-5-2
Mixed Rules: 1-0
Kickboxing Record: 0-1

Future UFC Hall Of Famer

WWE tenure: 1997-1999
Signature Move: Ankle Lock
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion; 1998 King of the Ring

Lucrative WWF contract:
On February 24, 1997, Ken Shamrock had signed a three-year contract with the WWF, $1,000,000 a year.

Ken Shamrock made his WWF debut on the February 24, 1997 episode of Monday Night Raw. On March 23, 1997, Shamrock, identified as Ken Shamrock and billed as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”—a name given to him by ABC News—refereed a submission match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13.

Shamrock left MMA for professional wrestling signing with the World Wrestling Federation. Shamrock left MMA while he was seemingly at the top of his game; he was in his prime and he was at this time considered by many to be one of the best fighters in the world.


Nickname: The Beast
Full Name: Daniel DeWayne Severn
Born: (1958-06-08) June 8, 1958 
Birthplace: Coldwater, Michigan, United States
Hometown: Coldwater, Michigan, United States
Height: 6’2″ (187 cm)
Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
Reach: 76″
Chest: 50″
Waist: 37″

WWE Debut: March 30, 1998 (age 39)

Style: Wrestling / Judo / Sambo

Pro Wrestling Debut: 1992
MMA Debut: 1994 (at age 36 in the UFC)

NWA World Heavyweight Champion (since February 24, 1995)
UFC 5 Tournament Winner (1995)
Ultimate Ultimate 1995 Tournament Winner
UFC Superfight Championship (1996)

Triple Crown Champion (The first and only in UFC history)

UFC Record: 9-3
MMA Record: 21-3-2

He is an amateur wrestler since the age of 10 (1968)
NCAA Division I Wrestler
Black Belt in Judo
Black Belt in Ju Jitsu
Black Belt in Combat Sambo

Toughman Kickboxing Champion

Amateur wrestling
Arizona State University wrestling Hall of Famer

1980 Summer Olympic team alternate

13 National AAU wrestling championships from 1982 to 1994

1984 Summer Olympic team alternate

1985 Canada Cup Gold Medalist
1988 Summer Olympic team alternate

Future UFC Hall Of Famer

WWE tenure: 1998
Signature Moves: The Beast Sleeper (Dragon sleeper with body scissors)
Back to belly piledriver transitioned into an armbar

World Record Holder of 13 Championship Belts
In 1995, Severn captured the NWA World Championship while he was the reigning UFC
Superfight Champion, becoming the first and only man to hold a mixed martial
arts and professional wrestling title simultaneously

As NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Severn appeared in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1998 during a storyline where the NWA invaded the WWF.

All are UFC champions. All are accomplished pro wrestlers. All are overqualified for the job. All are at their fighting peak. All are coming to the WWE after reaching the top of the MMA world. Brock Lesnar is 34, Ken Shamrock is 33, and Dan Severn is 39.

Now imagine the carnage my three fighters could do during an invasion angle! I would send my Shooters Stable to TNA Wrestling so they could destroy it once and for all! The only resistance my fighters would met is Kurt Angle. But Kurt Angle is 45 years old and my fighters are at peak age. And remember Tough Enough when Kurt Angle was clueless in Daniel Puder’s Kimura Lock. Now imagine Kurt caught in the same hold by “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar! Crack! I can heard the broken bones in his arm! … Who else? Samoa Joe is a joke!.. Sting? Please, don’t make me laugh!

Dare to accept my open challenge. My three guys against your three guys. My Shooters Stable will take on everybody and will destroy anybody in the world!

Leaves comments if you are fool enough to think that you have a better combo.


10 thoughts on “Shooters Stable

  1. hy got 3 nice ones but how about my choice 1st semmy schildt world Champion k1 7foot1 290 Pounds second one kareliev world Champion Wrestling 6foot4 285 Pounds and third ashashyru world Sumo Champion yokozuna 6foot2 350 Pounds mor or less muscle not bad eh bye

  2. Semmy Schildt was the best kickboxer of all time. But his MMA record (26-14-1) wasn't that impressive. He would have certainly been owned by my three boys.

    Alexander Karelin was a beast and physical freak. But his 1999 "shoot" fight vs. Akira Maeda was a complete boredom. His game was strictly Greco-Roman wrestling, so my three guys would have beat him to the punch.

    Asashōryū Akinori is a very strong man. How he would fare in an MMA no-hold-barred match vs. my three guys is hard to tell since Asashōryū Akinori never been involve in MMA. But if we looks at history, all the sumo wrestlers who entered the octogone were major failure. Just take a look at the giant 6'8", 525 pounds former Yokozuna Akebono's MMA record: 0-4 and K1 record: 1-8. Akebono was a pure tomato can.

    You mentioned three very interesting choices but they aren't in the same league of my Shooters Stable.

  3. hy you are right if you go in a pure mma fight well you more or less got mma fighters so i take another pick first mark kerr second alistair overeem and third fedor bye

  4. hy forgot my reply sooo schilt fought mma as a Boy with 100 kg now as a man with 135 kg full trained on kicking and striking thats something different look what he did to sefo with boxing gloves lets put him against shamrock id say 50.50 now about wresler karelin well severn is the wrestler in mma his own words so lets put both wrestlers together well i say 60.40.karelin and last ashasoyru well hes no Sumo never was hes a superheavyweight mongolian Freestyle wresler he just did Sumo for cash but hes a real brawler put away this diapers give him mma gloves and then lets face lesnar i say 50.50 but its either way but my second choice is the winner one for sure bye

  5. Semmy Schilt fought in MMA from 1996 to 2008, so he was a full grown man. Doomed versus a prime Ken Shamrock.

    But Karelin vs Severn is a tough one. Karelin was at his peak from 20 to 28 years old. He was a freak! My prime Dan Severn was 39 years old. Severn was a good Olympic wrestler but way below Karelin 3 gold medals. Severn is also proficient in judo and sambo. But well… Even if the Karelin MMA/pro wrestling match was a boredom and a joke. I can this one to Karelin.

    Ashasoyru is a sumo wrestler. Maybe you talk about his brothers Dolgorsürengiin Sumiyaabazar (Mongolian wrestler, MMA fighter with a record of 1-2 including a loss to Bob Sapp, freestyle wrestler) and Dolgorsürengiin Serjbüdee AKA Blue Wolf (Mongolian wrestler, pro wrestler, and MMA fighter with a record of 1-0). I imagine that Asashōryū would fare better than his brother in free fight. He would get destroy by "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar.

    My Shooters Stable still won 2-1.

  6. I must admit that those 3 fighters are a lot more fearsome than your initial choice.

    "The Machine" Mark Kerr was a fearsome competitor but never faced the opposition that my three guys faced. But his fighting style is very similar to my guys.

    Alistair Overeem trashed Brock Lesnar. Oups!
    Overeem is also the only fighter to consecutively hold three championship belts.
    And also one of only two fighters to win a world championship in MMA and K1

    And Fedor Emilianenko was the greatest fighter of all time.

    I'm in deep deep trouble with this one. Happily you told me to forget it and returned to your 3 initial choices. Ouf!

  7. hy okay lets say now the final choice first against shamrock i take vovchachin against lesnar i take Antonio silva and against severn mirko crocop dont Forget ist just for fun bye

  8. It's just for fun and it's really fun. 🙂

    Shamrock vs. Vovchachin. This is a tough one! I've wrote a post about Vovchachin being one of the best ever.
    Igor was shot at 32. But when he was in his prime he defeated Mark Kerr but was defeated by Mark Coleman by submission!?! Since Ken Shamrock was a submission specialist and was never officially KO (I don't count TKO declared by zealous referees) even in his late career losing streak. I give this one to Shamrock by submission.

    Lesnar vs. Silva. Antonio Silva is for sure a fearsome competitor who defeated Fedor Emilianenko (a fuckin' referee stoppage) and Brock Lesnar's conqueror Alistar Overeem but was KO'd twice by another Brock Lesnar conqueror, the untouchable Cain Velasquez. As we know Brock Lesnar had a hard time with tan KO artist. So I can give this one to Silva.

    Severn vs. Cro Cop. Good choice. A prime Cro Cop would have been really dangerous for my prime Severn. Hard choice, since Severn, a strictly mat-based fighter, is hard to catch with punches. If the fight goes to the floor, Cro Cop is in deep deep trouble. A slight edge to Cro Cop on this one but not enough to give him the win. This one is a draw.

    FINAL SCORE: 1-1-1

  9. hy me again since no one has the balls to give it a try (kidding) i will give my 3 personal top contenders the guys who represent my Kind of style and as i say the right attitude first against shamrock i take coleman against lesnar my favorite is tank i know i know but look what he did to duarte a Counterpart of the gracies and against severn my choice would be mark kerr i know there are many more but i dont care i took the guys who would win outside a octagon like youre choice for me that Counts no fancy stuff no gi no jumping and whatsoever just good old fightwork to get the Job done besides very nice blog iread it realy often and the old things too maybe take a look at Rio heroes you could like it greetings from vienna bye

  10. First of all, many thanks for your support!

    Ken Shamrock vs a prime Mark Coleman. Mark Coleman defeated Don Frye and Dan Severn. So I must give this one to Coleman.

    Brock Lesnar would annihilate a prime Tank Abbott. A prime Tank Abbott submitted to Oleg Taktarov, Don Frye, Maurice Smith and was KO'd Vitor Belford, Pedro Rizzo. No counting losses by decision.

    Dan Severn vs. Mark Kerr is a tough one. Two similar fighters. 50/50. I can't pick a winner on this one!

    Final score: 1-1-1

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