Rick Rude grip strength

If you’re a longtime wrestling fan like me you probably know Rick Rude, the late pro wrestler.  But what you probably don’t know is that Rick Rude was a fearsome street fighter and an accomplished arm wrestler.  Yes Rick Rude, despite his lean bodybuilder physique and his go-go boy antics, was reputed for his punching power and grip strength.

An unofficial match between Ravishing Rick Rude and Hulk Hogan from 1988.
They competed lying down.  Guess who won the match!

 He finishing sixth in the world championships in Las Vegas in the AWI pro light heavyweight division in 1983.  He was 24 years old at the time since he was born on December 7, 1958.  Was a bouncer in a bar reputed for violence and knife fight in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  And was 2-0 as an amateur boxer.  Rick Rude was the real deal!

Look at the video below.  You can clearly see Ravishing Rick Rude climbing to the top of a gymnasium rope without using his legs.  And at 230 pounds, that’s a very, very impressive feat of grip strength.

The video is about WWF manager Bobby The Brain Heenan helping his protege Ravishing Rick Rude train for his match against The Ultimate Warrior, from Summerslam Fever in 1990. You can see the rope climbing at 1:05.

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