Pistrix – Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT (Rome)

Pistrix – Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT (Rome)

Nicknames: God of the Battlefield, The Bringer of Pain, The Shark (Japan)
Birthplace:Province of Caceres, Spain
Residence: Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT,Rome, Italy
Height: 6′
Weight: 190 lbs
Years Pro: 3
Age: 25
Reach: 75″

Blood Type: AB
Category: Natural & Raw

MMA Light Heavyweight Champion
Former MMA Champion (1-night tournament)

Fighting Styles: Mixed Martial Arts (Catch Wrestling and Kickboxing) / SLAUGHTERSPORT (Pankration)

  • Worked at the farm since the age of 7 which gave him a lean muscular body, good strength, and a solid grip.
  • Started training in catch wrestling and kickboxing at 15 to become an MMA fighter.
  • A man who combines brutal kicking ability with a vast knowledge of submission holds.
  • His fighting style is all about speed and conditioning. He is lightning fast and relentless.
  • Often destroys his opponents under one minute and even under 30 seconds.
  • Among the best fighters in the world.
  • Defeated Konga Ruopa and two other opponents in a one-night, eight-man, elimination tournament to become MMA Champion.
  • Was MMA Light Heavyweight Champion before forfeiting the title to join the Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT.
  • Joined the Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT for six months before competing in the annual UST 3. He will train, eat, sleep, and live full-time at the Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT for the entire duration of the tournament.

MMA record: 14-4

  • 1st match: KO’d a 6’9″, 620-pound sumo champion in 35 seconds with strikes in the United States.
  • 2nd match: KO’d a 400-pound Hawaian fighter in 15 seconds with punches in the United States.
  • 3rd match: Submitted 6’3″, 285-pound former MMA champion Konga Ruopa in 15:30 with a triangle choke. He was pound-and-grounded for the entire match til he saw an opening and caught Ruopa in the choke. Won the MMA World Championship 8-man, one-night, single elimination tournament in the United States.
  • 4th match: TKO’d the future Japanese Pro Wrestling “World” Champion in 21 seconds with a head kick and punches in Japan.
  • 5th match: KO’d a 6’4″, 280-pound pro wrestler reputed for his toughness and legendary in Japan, but he is 44 years old and 10 years past his prime in 22 seconds with a knee to the face in Japan.
  • 6th match: Lost
  • 7th match: Submitted an overmatched 6’4″, 390-pound, 35 years old, multiple-time pro wrestling world champion  with a rear naked choke in 2:15 in Japan. The pro wrestler received $100,000 for the match.
  • 9th match: KTFO’d of Mexican pro wrestler, MMA fighter, and accomplished amateur wrestler with a head kick in 46 seconds in Japan. Santos Rodriguez, 6’7″, 304 lbs, age 24. Greco-Roman wrestling champion. MMA record: 3-2. After this defeat, Rodriguez trained hard, got better, won 6 fights in a row and became MMA Champion. Ending his career a year later with an MMA record of 9-5 after losing his two last world championship match.
  • 15th match: Submitted overhyped 6’9 3/4″, 350-pound former football player, full-time celebrity, part-time pro wrestler, full-time MMA fighter and Kickboxer in 2:15 with soccer kicks. His MMA record was 11-4 at the time.
  • 16th matchTKO’d the former Japanese Pro Wrestling “World” Champion, for the second time, in 1:02 with punches in Japan.
  • 17th match: Submitted a masked high-flyer Japanese wrestling legend (5’6″, 200 lbs, 18 years pro, 38 years old) in 1:48 with a rear naked choke in Japan. It was the masked wrestler birthday.
  • 18th match: Submitted Olympic freestyle wrestling gold medalist in the heavyweight weight class (198-220 lbs) at the age of 27, 2-time World Champion, 4-time All American (5’10”, 199 lbs, age 33) in 16 seconds with an armbar to win the MMA Light Heavyweight Championship in Japan. The Olympic gold medalist had a MMA record of 3-0 before this fight.
Has always been seen and promoted as the MMA representant against the world. Taking on all-comers from diverse fighting styles and destroying pro wrestlers in Japan for big Money.

Speed, stamina, conditioning, and athleticism. Just like his name says – Pistrix which is the Latin word for Shark – he constantly attacks.

Always goes for the early kill but can be patient if necessary.

He celebrates his wins by laughing of his fallen opponents and by screaming “I am Pistrix! rooarrrhh” while raising both arms looking in the air.

Home Field: taly (50,000-80,000 spectators)
Theme song: Rollerball intro, Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor

Agent: Gary Barzetti fired before UST 3
Sponsors: He is making $30K per war just by wearing his gear. Thanks to his agent who was fired by UST Management. 


Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT (Rome, Italy) 
is said to be a lot tougher and more violent than the SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School (America). Modeled after the Gladiators training of the Ancient Rome. Sponsored by the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour. 

All recruits enrolled sign a contract forfeiting his human rights and if he ever make it to the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour. He will only be paid half of his UST salary and purses for his lifetime. No matter if he still live or not in the Ludus. 

His SLAUGHTERSPORT contract also stipulates that he is prohibited to work for any other Combat Sports companies for the next 10 years.

Lanista (owner of the Lupus) employed by SLAUGHTERSPORT
Placide LaFamme, a 73 years old martial arts master, instructor, author, and publisher from Paris, France with over 60 years of experience in martial arts.
6’1″, 187 lbs
9th Dan Karate
9th Dan Judo
7th Dan Aikido

Lived 10 years in Japan learning and teaching martial arts.

Tall, slim and fit… Balding with a short crown of white hair and a well-trimmed white beard… A caucasian with a deep dark tan… Brown eyes… Always dressed in white… Look much more younger than he is. 

Languages spoken: French, English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish.

An advocate of full contact free fighting. The style of fighting only practised in the SLAUGHTERSPORT.
A man of honor and discipline who show great pride and respect toward his students. A skilled and cunning businessman.

Doctore (trainer) Alexandros di Sparta (non-related to Norman di Sparta) is a 50 years old Spartan Greek martial artist, fitness freak, professional trainer of Pankration, and author of several books, articles, and videos about Pankration. 

5’8″, 216 lbs of muscle. Head and face cleanly shaved.
Always wear black spandex shorts, a black Lupus SLAUGHTERSPORT or UST tank top, black knee sleeves, black ankle-high boxing shoes, white socks, black MMA gloves. 

Languages spoken: Greek, Italian, and English

Began training in Pankration at the early age of 7. 
He was acclaimed as the one and only Grandmaster of modern day Pankration. Once trained “The Slayer of Norman di Sparta”, “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon.
He has taught and coached many well-known martial artists, kickboxers, wrestlers, actors, film writers, bodyguards, law enforcement officers, swat team members and elite members of the Army.
He always carry a Singapore cane, for use as both a training aid and for administering discipline and punishment. 
In sparring he advocates protective gear in order to simulate realistic conditions without risking serious injury.

He is said to be an excellent Combatant who kicked the ass of any students who dared to challenge him. Few lasted more than a few minutes against him.

A physical fitness devotee well-known for his high energy, motivation and intense discipline. He commands nothing less than maximum effort from his students.

He is fascinated by the unarmed hand to hand combats (pankration, wrestling and boxing) of the Ancient Rome, ancient Greek Pankration, and the grapplers of the ancient world.

Medici (Doctor) Dr. Guy Wendell, a 50 years old orthopaedic surgeon, karate black belt, from Birmingham, Alabama, United States who was the personal physician of a famous American kickboxing world champion and of a former bodybuilding world champion.

A 6’2″ rather slim middle age man with glasses, stylish brown hair, always dressed impeccable in expensive suit, tie and shoes. All that with a $50,000 watch and a $100,000 car.

15 years of medical practice
Languages spoken: English and Spanish

A martial arts practionner since the age of 5, karate since 24. Also did kickboxing.
Founded Extreme Pit Fighting Competition, Inc. (EPFC) three years ago. The company still exist but was inactive for the last two years. He is still registered as its President & CEO.

He is a proponent of :

  • No-holds-barred, no rules, reality fighting (only eye pokes and biting forbidden). 
  • His goal was to have 8 champions from different countries and fighting styles.
  • Insists that each fighters wear the clothing of his fighting style.
  • Building his company around his star-fighter paying him in accordance. 
  • No gloves allowed. Gloves are weapons.
  • Non-exclusive contracts. His fighters can fight wherever they want.
  • Against drug testing. Stating that drug testing is a waste of time. It’s a moral problem. Drug using is a personal choice.

All three lives full-time at the Ludus. All three have their dream job. All three have very close ties to PYGOD (Dominus) since they share the same philosophy about Combat Sports. All three are SLAUGHTERSPORT authority figures and Members of the Board of Directors. However, no matter what, PYGOD always has the last word on everything.

The SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School is maybe the official UST training school but the Lupus SLAUGHTERSPORT officials have a lot of power and influence in the UST itself. 

The SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School (America) is modeled on 2-time undisputed and undefeated UST champion “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon. 
While in the Lupus SLAUGHTERSPORT (Rome) it is Norman di Sparta, who was killed by WGF on the Battlefield.
“WGF could have been even better if he trained exclusively in SLAUGHTERSPORT since day one. The different sets of rules and limitations of the many martial arts he learned tainted his fighting style.”

  • Bullrushing the opponent at the very start of the war. 
  • Eyes, throat, and groin attacks.
  • Only using non-fancy finishing submission holds.

However no steroids, drugs, and supplements.

A typical day at Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT:
(Training everyday for 8-10 hours a day and eating 3 meals a day)

  • Starts at dawn with the first meal of the day
  • Warm up with a long distance run of at least one hour, followed by a swim if possible
  • Strength training, balance training, stretches, and sprints usually follow the run. Hundreds of pushups, sittups, squats, and so on.
  • Training involves the learning of a series of figures, which were broken down into various phases. Several hours of fighting drills, Kata of every type usually follow. The start off simple and get increasingly intense.
  • After exercise is done the students will duel on the training grounds against other students if possible. The students wear protective equipments and fight with full force. It is considered very bad form to get angry over a training bout.
  • After practice students usually treat themselves to a long bath and a massage.
  • Free time after the day is done
  • A full night of rest
  • If a Combatant has a war he will spend less time in exercise, usually a run and short workout just before the war. The rest of his time will be spent in mental preparation for the war. 

The Initiation and the Test of a recruit (novicius):

  • When a new recruit (novicius) enters the Lupus he is assessed by the Lanista, Medici, and Doctore to ensure he is fit. 
  • He is checked by the Medici for any medical problems and whether he was physically suitable to train as a Combatant and equipped to withstand the rigours of training and combat.
  • The initial training commences with getting the recruit to the peak of fitness.
  • The recruits train as intensely as the Combatants who have trained for years. In order to show enough skills to pass The Test.
  • The initial training usually spans several days with little sleep
  • The recruits live together in barracks separated from the Combatants
  • However the recruits eat the same high protein diet as the Combatants
  • Recruits are not allowed to speak at mealtimes
  • Recruits are usually treated like shit by the Doctore and the students. They are merely considered human beings and are usually shunned, ridiculed, taunted and humiliated by Combatants trying to make them give up. The Combatants even bullied and toyed with the recruits in practice just to show them how hard it is to be a Combatant. A strong recruit will not give up.
  • No privileges at all for a recruit
  • However this type of treatment eased with time served

The Test 
  • After weeks of training, all the recruits will be tested in front of the Lanista, Medici, Doctore, and guests. 
  • The test is to fight a Combatant of the Brotherhood based on skill level. A strong recruit will face a strong Combatant, while a weak recruit will face a weak Combatant.
  • The war is no-rules SLAUGHTERSPORT style inside the Battlefield in the evening.
  • The recruit will fight barefoot, barefist, wearing nothing else than a short trunk. Cups and mouthpieces are the only pieces of equipment permitted.
  • If the recruit turns out to be a bad fighter, he will be expelled. If a recruit proves he has talent, even if he does not win the fight, he will receives the mark of Lupus SLAUGHTERSPORT (UST). Then he will be accepted as a Combatant and a member of the Brotherhood.
  • He will have to recite The Oath of Allegiance – swearing allegiance to Lupus SLAUGHTERSPORT and to be the Brother of the other Combatants of the Lupus – before being branded the letters UST with a glowing hot branding iron on the inside of his right forearm. The scarred ‘UST’ marked in the skin is a sign of appartenance to the Lupus and the Brotherhood of Combatants. The brandind is made by the Lanista. 
  • Combatants see each other as brothers-in-arms. Until a recruit receives the mark, he is seen and treated like shit by the Gladiators. That’s all part of the test, the initiation.
A bold statement of toughness over the trainees of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School in America who only wear an armband on their right upper arm.

Combatants Social Structure and Privileges
  • Recruits live together in barracks separated from the Combatants. They are treated like scum by the Combatants and Doctore.
  • Combatants are given a shared room. He is sometimes allowed women. Willing women who work in the kitchen of the Lupus or whores if he can pay for.
  • Veteran Combatants are given their own small room below the Lupus. Can eat more food and can buy items for himself and whores when he wants.
  • Champion Combatant – the one who participate in the annual Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour – is given his own larger room with his own personal belongings. His room is located outside of the Combatants’ rooms era, right by the training era. He can live there with a girlfriend or a wife. He can eat as much food as he wants. He can freely walk around and ask requests from the Lanista such as whores for no cost.
  • Doctore is highly respected by everybody in the Lupus. He oversees all recruits and Combatants training. He lives in a large room with his own personal belongings with his girlfriend or wife if he have one. His room is located in the basement nearby the barracks and the shared rooms to keep an eye on recruits and his students 24/7.
  • Medici is 
  • Lanista is the supreme authority in the Lupus SLAUGHTERSPORT. 

Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT architecture

  • The entry level, first floor is the training era with full access to an outdoor training ground.
  • The basement is the areas for the Combatants. The eating area, the recruits barracks and Combatants rooms, and the bathing area.
  • The second floor is where the Lanista live with his family, guests, servants and security guards. This era is far more lavish than the Ludus below.
There is a barred door separating the Combatants from the second-floor living quarters.  

Includes eating 3 meals a day.

They train everyday for 8-10 hours a day. Designed around fitness and acquiring skills.

  • Step-by-Step Learning. Learning and practicing repeatedly the techniques with training partners of different skills level. 
  • ENDLESS PRACTISE! Practicing SLAUGHTERSPORT technique is the major part of the training routine. The ratio between practice and exercise is 2:1. Which could mean 4 hours of fighting and 2 hours of exercices.
  • Strength and mass training. Basic barbell and dumbell exercises with moderate weights: Clean and press from the floor. Bench press, incline press, decline press. Power cleans, bent over rows, upright rows, barbell and dumbell presses, power high pulls, power snatches, squats, deadlift, barbell and dumbbell curls and tricep curls.   Calisthenics: Dips, pull ups, pushups, chair dips, neck bridges (front and back), lots of abdominal exercises, knee bends, jumping squats, jumping over objects and all kinds of bending and twisting exercises.
  • Endurance and stamina training. Running, jogging, sprinting, rope jumping and aerobic training.
  • Flexibility by stretching on a daily basis. Some yoga exercises.
  • Getting sufficient rest and sleep
  • Eating good food. An high protein diet of meat or fish, bread, cereals and vegetables. Other types of food include barley, dry fruits, cheese, goat milk, eggs and olive oilThree meals a day with the first one being take at dawn at the start of the day.
  • Only drink water
  • No alcohol. No drugs. No steroids. No performance enhancing drugs. No supplements.
  • Old fashion way – hard work and healthy living!
  • A library with plenty of books available to the students. All books that have been made about Pankration, Shoot Wrestling, Shoot Fighting and Self-Defense are available – several where written by Lanista and Doctore, both are prolific authors in the martial arts field. 
  • Excellent medical treatments
  • Frequent massages
  • Possibility to take hot and cold baths
  • With so many people living in close proximity the Medici ensures that the threat of diseases and infection are kept to a minimum. Attention to personal hygiene is a part of the daily routine of a Combatant.
  • Strict discipline is enforced
  • Conditioned to follow a strict and harsh regimen since day one
  • Train everyday for 8-10 hours a day to gain the highest of skill levels
  • Punishments tend to include confinement, humiliation, or harsh labour.
  • Sometimes women are provided to the Combatants
  • Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT provides his Combatants with food, lodging, and a small stipend.

Training Equipment
  • A punching bag (huge and very heavy)
  • A Wing Chun wooden dummy
  • A full body realistic human-like dummy on a swinging pole
  • A 6’5″, 300-pound realistic human-like grappling dummy
  • An American Football tackle sled
  • Bounce-back reinforced tackling dummies
  • A punching dummy on fast springs
  • A wooden head on a spring to practise punches and eye jabs
  • A metal leg on spring to practise low kicks
  • A full body metal dummy full of springs
  • A pair of boxing paws
  • Full contact sparring protection gear. Kempo finger gloves (10 oz), Daido Juku helmets, shin guards, chest protectors, cups and mouthpieces.
  • A Power Rack
  • Dumbells, barbells, and weights
  • A bench press, an incline bench, and a decline bench
  • Pull up bar, dip bar
  • Skipping ropes
  • A massive dragging sled




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