Olympic weightlifting all-time records

Olympic weightlifting all-time records

Leonid Taranenko (1988) all-time heaviest Clean-and-Jerk 266.0 kg (585.2 lbs)

Antonio Krastev (1987) all-time heaviest Snatch 216.0 kg (475.2 lbs)

Leonid Taranenko (1988) all-time heaviest Olympic weightlifting
Snatch 210 kg (462 lbs) + Clean and Jerk 266 kg (585.2 lbs) = Total 476.0 kg (1047.2 lbs) 

Hossein Rezazadeh is maybe the best of the modern era. But I wouldn’t put him on this list anyway. I would put Leonid Taranenko way before him. Leonid Taranenko singlehandly realized the greatest feat of strength in the history of humanity. LEONID TARANENKO CLEAN-AND-JERKED 266.0 KG (585.2 LBS) OVERHEAD 25 YEARS AGO!!!

Hossein Rezazadeh never succeded at bested the all-time records of 25 years ago. The best IWF marks of 216.0 kg (475.2 lbs) Snatch (Antonio Krastev, 1987), 266.0 kg (585.2 lbs) Clean and Jerk (Leonid Taranenko, 1988), and 475.0 kg (1045 lbs) Total (Taranenko, 1988). Unfortunately, Krastev and Taranenko were unfairly screwed out of their world records with the restructuration of weight classes. But these weights still remain as the heaviest weights ever lifted.

“The Iranian Hercules” Hossein Rezazadeh’s bests are 263.5 kg (580.9 pounds) Clean-and-Jerk, Snatch: 213 kg (469.6 lbs), Total: 472.5 kg (1,041.8 lbs).

Leonid Taranenko (born June 13, 1956, Soviet Union) all-time heaviest Clean-and-Jerk 266.0 kg (585.2 lbs) done in 1988.

Leonid Taranenko 586.5 lbs World Record Clean and Jerk in 1988

Antonio Krastev (born in 1961, Bulgaria) all-time heaviest Snatch 216.0 kg (475.2 lbs) done in 1987.

Antonio Krastev setting unbeatable record 216kg Snatch

Leonid Taranenko (born June 13, 1956, Soviet Union) all-time heaviest Olympic weightlifting Total 475.0 kg (1045 lbs) done in 1988.  Taranenko lifted 476.0 kg in the total, but for the competition results, the weight was normalized to the standard interval of 2.5 kg. Taranenko was screwed another time!?!

Leonid Taranenko highest total ever, Canberra 1988 : 210 kg + 266 kg World Record = 476 kg World Record



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